Google becomes a Solana validator

Google Cloud, made it known Saturday that it is now running a validator on the Solana blockchain and quickly adding functionality aimed at welcoming Solana developers and node brokers.

In a Twitter thread, Google Cloud revealed that, in addition to running a Solana validator “to participate and validate the network,” it is planning to bring its Blockchain Node Engine to Solana in 2023.

“We wish to one-click to carry out a Solana node in a cost-effective manner,” Google’s Web3 product manager Nalin Mittal commented at the Solana Breakpoint conference in Lisbon.

Google Cloud further made it known that it is now indexing Solana data and adding it to its BigQuery data repository, a move that will “make it easier for the Solana developer ecosystem to get into historical data.”

Mittal added that Google Cloud is bringing its credit program to “select startups in the Solana ecosystem” with up to $100,000 in Cloud Credits accessible to applicants.

On stage at Breakpoint, Solana founder Anatoly Yakovenko celebrated Google’s “huge encouragement” in adding Solana to BigQuery.

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