Prohibición de las criptomonedas

Is it possible to ban cryptocurrencies?

The accelerated advance of blockchain technology, its penetration of different areas of the traditional economy, and the solution that it has represented in a very effective way for many problems, such as inflation or financial fraud, certainly raises a question that is fair to ask: Is it possible to ban cryptocurrencies?

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criptomonedas y la inflación a comparación con el dinero

Do cryptocurrencies suffer from inflation?

Bitcoin (BTC) currently has an inflation rate of only 1.8% per year; almost half relative to Chile’s inflation

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Actualidad sobre minar bitcoins

Everything you need to know about mining bitcoin

The growth that Bitcoin has had since its appearance and its exponential leap in recent years, it can be easily explained because the number of companies and services that join to accept payments and carry out transactions with this cryptocurrency is increasing; As a result of the growth of its demand, its value continues to grow.

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How do you explain the rally of Ethereum and Bitcoin?

While the rest of the cryptocurrencies recover their position, Ethereum y Bitcoin continue to strengthen. ETH above $4,700 and BTC above $66,900 respectively. DeFi are definitely a trend that perfectly explains the success of cryptocurrencies.

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Get to know a little about Shiba Inu, the cryptocurrency of the moment.

This year, Shiba inu multiplied its value by more than 1000%, which is equivalent to a capitalization of 35 billion dollars.

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representación gráfica de una blockchain

Cryptoworld Glossary

We will explain some of the most important terms for the crypto world.

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What are Cryptocurrencies?

A “cryptocurrency” is a concept with a long history that has surely crossed your mind countless times, and that if you have arrived here without knowing what it is, you are surely determined to find out. It will not take too long to explain what cryptocurrencies are, and of course once this question is solved, it will be very clear that you have been missing out on something quite important for some years.

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