NFT FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you want to get a better understanding of how NFT marketing works? Check out The Blue Manakin’s FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section and let the extremely experienced team of The Blue Manakin answer your questions; launching or boosting an NFT project is no easy feat; knowledge is power and your knowledge about the nuts and bolts of NFT Marketing starts here!

Are NFTs the same as bitcoin?

Are NFTs the same as bitcoin?

At the outset, the main difference we can highlight is that cryptocurrencies are fungible and NFTs are not fungible, which means that NFTs cannot be replaced by others.

NFTs are unique digital assets backed and verified on the blockchain, while cryptocurrencies are decentralized digital currencies with transactions recorded on the blockchain.

The most common and important cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, which has been the first widely adopted digital currency originated that did not depend on a central regime.

Bitcoin is constantly comparable to gold, as investors see it as a “hedge against inflation”.

The cost of gold furthermore stems from what is in essence a social creation: like Bitcoin, gold has a cost as we all agree that it does.

The supply of Bitcoin is set at 21 million, which means that, unlike the dollar, there can never be much more than 21 million Bitcoins. This reduced supply causes Bitcoin to be incredibly small.

Despite this Bitcoin is still a new technology and asset class, certain investors argue that this volatility is expected and generally invest with a long-term view.

As the most funded decentralized currency that operates without the backing of a regime, it gives Bitcoin impressive utility. This increases its use in addition that smart contract functionalities now can encode on the Bitcoin network.

The dispute over gold and Bitcoin predominates as an illustrative exemplification of the primary differences between NFTs and cryptocurrency.

NFTs are the opposite: NFT stands for “non-fungible token,” which implies that each NFT cannot be modified, supplanted, exchanged, or swapped into smaller pieces, so its value is an integer and unique.

Do NFTs have cryptocurrencies?

NFTs are mainly purchased with cryptocurrencies, especially Ethereum since this network is where these assets were born.

This is a common way for NFT projects to raise additional capital while giving investors a way to indirectly invest in NFTs.

Some NFT collections, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, have made their cryptocurrency called APE coin.

Are NFTs better than cryptocurrencies?

There isn’t a characteristic of one or the other to compare them in this way, as in the end they are both decentralized digital assets that sit on a blockchain network.

So there is no reason to invest in NFTs before cryptocurrencies because they are not comparable. Investors constantly consider the two to be different asset classes because they have different purposes.

Do you need cryptocurrencies to buy NFT?

The simplest way to mine an NFT is to generate your cryptocurrency wallet.

By using this Ethereum or Solana and logging into an NFT platform such as OpenSea or Rarible we can get our hands on NFTs.

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How do I join NFT trading?

How do I join NFT trading?

While the profitability of NFT trading is no longer the same as it was a year ago, it is still possible to continually increase your capital.

It is important to keep in mind that this new environment is highly volatile, still in its early stages of development, but still with an exciting, enlightening future, and with a dynamic global reach.

Expand your social media with information from NFTs

Twitter is the channel where you can get information about any NFT, where you can find out about new projects, and what members of the NFT community are saying about them. Check out whom the most popular collections follow and based on that, many platforms serve as an NFT release calendar or join discord servers of knowledgeable users

Beware of FOMO

When you get into buying and selling NFT assets, you will be exposed to a lot of hype from different new projects that may or may not be quite profitable in the future. One piece of advice we can give you for sure is to be a person aware of this hype when deciding to enter into trading NFTs amidst the Twitter noise.

Look for the best crypto pick

While the Ethereum network is the most famous network that houses the largest collections of NFTs, it is the most expensive of them all. Thus, if you want to trade an NFT from the platform, you will have to add to the cost of the NFT ($200) an additional transaction or fuel cost (gas fee) that will vary according to the demand at the time.

So keep in mind that the price at which you buy the NFT is not necessarily the final transaction price.

Look for opportunities in other networks 

In both marketplaces, there are 2 iconic collections because they were among the first, Degenerate Ape Acadamy for Solana and Spacebudz for Cardano. While they are less popular than Ethereum, the cost per transaction or fee is negligible, with values ranging under 2 dollars in Cardano’s situation per transaction.

 What type of NFT do you like?

If you are one of those who want to collect 1/1 art from independent artists you should consider that the return on your investment may take longer than with a collection of 10,000 NFTs with an average of 2-3500 collectors per collection.


Being an NFT collector and trader is very exciting, but it is important to be well informed and be careful with excessive hype before starting to make investments, as well as taking into account that although we can get a return in a short time, most of the time it is not and it takes time so you have to be patient.

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How much does it cost to mint an NFT?

How much does it cost to mint an NFT?

Minting is a very key word when we get into the world of NFTs, it is something very basic and it is important to know it because it is basically how NFTs are created.

What does it mean to mint?

Each NFT is unique, this is what gives it its market value and what allows transactions to be made with its information, these tokens are in unique code chains within the blockchain.

Minting could be said to be assigned a blockchain certificate to a digital asset, and each network or platform has its particular protocols and procedures. So the process of mining is different according to the blockchain they use.

What is minting an NFT?

To mint, an NFT means to create a token or a certificate of an asset and upload it to the blockchain that allows it to be traded and accumulate value.

How do I mint a Solana NFT?

Solana has its cryptocurrency and is based on the PoS approval system which is a very efficient protocol.

Mining a Solana NFT consists of uploading new certificates using the blockchain used by this network.

Where are NFTs minted?

It all depends on the type of network, for example, to mine an NFT in Ethereum, you must create an address associated with a smart contract under the ERC-721 or 1155 format. This could be done through OpenSea, Mintable, or Rable, among other platforms.

How much does it cost to mint an NFT?

Here it also depends on the network we use to mine the NFT since each one has a different cost, a platform commission, as well as a different network gas value.

First of all, we have to pay the cost that the collection will have, this is decided by the people who have created the project, to this cost we will add what is charged by the platform in which we are buying the NFT as Open Sea and finally we have the gas fee or gas rate.

These fees are paid by the users when a transaction is made within a blockchain and it is a system that works with a supply and demand mechanism.

So if there is a high demand for transactions, more will be paid for them.

There are Wallets like MetaMask that allow users to interact directly with the Ethereum network, being able to choose the amount of gas they want to pay for.

In the end it all adds up in our mint

Is it possible to mint for free?

This is a question that can be answered with a yes and a no because while there are collections that may decide not to charge a peso for their NFT, the gas fee is still on us.

So an NFT can be sold for free but to mine and generate it we will have to pay the gas fee which can be the difference between paying 10 dollars for an NFT or 200.


This concept is important to know because it is how we get the NFTs and when entering the discord of a collection or their social networks, this is a word that we are going to see a lot. Understanding how it works does not allow being prepared for everything, as this is something that if or if you have to pay and have it in mind we can be ready for the worst.

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How NFTs and video games work together

How NFTs and video games work together

NFTs have reached another space in society, in this case that of Video Games.

Precisely the NFTs, became famous among the fashion industry, works of art or real estate, and have observed a totally new possibility among the video game industry.

NFTs to the video game industry

In the framework of the entire crypto world, they are unique assets that cannot be exchanged or exchanged for another that has the same cost.

They work through blockchain technology, the same technology that is applied in the cryptocurrency environment. His fame was present in numerous industries of the society of which we are a part:

  • Moda: Los diseñadores de moda de lujo permanecen apostando por el planeta NFT y las criptomonedas, ofrendando varios de sus productos a modo de activos digitales.
  • Arte: el valor de los NFTs en el mercado de las obras de arte viene dado por el costo exclusivo y único de todos dichos activos.
  • Inmuebles: la zona inmobiliaria se vio en especial perjudicado por la tecnología blockchain. Estas características, que se gestionan a modo de NFTs, se ponen a la comercialización en mundos digitales como Decentraland.

The power of NFTs in the video game industry

NFTs in video games have the possibility of being used to decide the ownership of characters, objects, weapons and other assets that we have the possibility of discovering in video games. But its primary use in this market was rewards.

In this way, video games are provided with a new added cost since now they also have the possibility of obtaining rewards that are translated into monetary assets.

The Axie Infinity Project

The video game Axie Infinity is considered the most recognized among investors in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. In the game, users have their own NFTs as pets, which they feed, raise, and fight with other pets in the game. Although at first glance it looks like a video game, it is also

It can be considered as a trading platform for NFTs. To get rewards, users just have to play, which means that players have to raise their little pets, feed them and win battles with other characters.


NFTs in the video game industry not only bring benefits to the player, but also to the inventor of those games. The term Gaming 3.0 has been developed, which refers to a totally new way of governing video games within blockchain technology and NFTs.

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How to Find NFT Influencers on YouTube?

How to Find NFT Influencers on YouTube?

There are a lot of NFT influencers on YouTube channels talking about web 3.0, but to find the right ones you must DYOR (Do Your Own Research). There is little information about it on the web, but there are specialized crypto marketing agencies like the Blue Manakin where we DOR (Do Our Research) and now we have an extensive database to provide the best influencers to our customers.

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How to Find NFT Influencers?

How to Find NFT Influencers?

The first thing you can do to find the right influencers is search #NFT on Twitter and explore. It is a jungle out there, which means you´ll find a lot of fake interactions and numbers. Do the same on TikTok and Instagram and you´ll find some interesting profiles. Many times you´ll find NFT micro-influencers and they can also work because they have an organic audience. It is a long process as many accounts are fake and may try to scam you. This is why at the Blue Manakin we have a thorough process to search and find quality influencers that deliver organic and real numbers that along with our strategies will take your project to another level.

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How to make and sell an NFT?

How to make and sell an NFT?

Opensea is the largest marketplace for digital goods such as collectibles, video game objects, digital art, and other types of assets that remain stored in the Ethereum blockchain.

That is why below we will talk about some steps we must do to be able to publish and sell our NFTs through this marketplace.

Create a wallet, First of all, having a wallet is a prerequisite to moving around Opensea and virtually any other decentralized marketplace.

Metamask is a pretty good alternative to have your tokens and NFTs because it is the most used one. How to sell in Opensea? If you want to try to join this wave, here’s how to sell on Opensea in 5 steps:

Step 1: Make your gallery beautiful To produce a collection, click on Create – My Collections at the top right and the “Create” button. Enter a name for the collection, and a specification and upload a 350 x 350 image that works as a logo. Once we click on “Create”, a pop-up will appear mentioning that our collection was developed, so we click on “Add items”.

Step 2: Have a file that you want to make NFT. It can be audio, a tweet, a song, a video, a photo, a painting, or a digital drawing. Just keep in mind that it has to be something you own, and with that, you click on “Add items” in our collection, we log in with our wallet again and start generating our first NFT. Apart from this, we see 3 more possibilities to add: Properties, Levels, and Stats.

These are very useful if you create a collection and want to differentiate the properties they have from each other. Let’s imagine that we have a collection of characters for a video game and some have more levels than others or do more damage, that’s what the Stats are for: this section is often used if you are going to generate numerous variants of this NFT and you want the client to taste the total portion that is there.

Here are some things to consider for your NFT:

You must upload your file. Make sure it is no larger than 40 MB. You must fill out a certain form:

o Title

o Description

o External link

o Properties

o Levels (for example, if it is a set or if there are several pieces)

o Statistics

o Unlockable content (can be files, links, or other information that can only be seen by buyers)

o Specify if it is sensitive content

Step 3: once you have everything ready, launch the first offer, which determines how many copies of the NFT can be made. It also allows you to freeze the metadata.

In the end, click on create, and that’s it, you have your first token. Follow the rules that your wallet tells you. If you do not have ETH in the wallet at the time of listing, read Step 4.

Step 4: (optional): Buy Ethereum (ETH) You can search the internet for any dealer to get ETH to market. If you are using Metamask, you can click on Buy and with a card and a small commission, you can trade ETH.

Step 5: Once you create your token, you will get an option to sell it, you can choose if you are going to sell the work at a fixed price, to the highest bidder, or together with other works. You will also be able to choose in which cryptocurrency you want to get paid.

Now, think about that absolutely every transaction you make on the blockchain generates an expense, and this depends a lot on the size of your file and the data you have filled in this section.

Now you have to take into account certain expenses that are going to occur and why it was important to fund the wallet.

o The commission for OpenSea

o The wallet platform fee for the blockchain of the cryptocurrency to be used (Only at the beginning, for your next sales it will not be necessary).

o Commission people who refer potential customers to your art.

We hope this information can help all those artists who are looking to start selling their artwork through this medium.

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How to Promote NFT?

How to Promote NFT?

Before you decide how to promote your NFT art, or where to promote it, you need to know that the most important and difficult thing to do in an NFT Project is to build a strong community. Discord is the best way to do this, using different channels, creating conversations and raffles, and most importantly, making sure everyone becomes friends. There is nothing that brings more confidence to a project than the presence of the founders.

Communities are not so easy to build. To have a community you need members with a legit interest in your project. To locate them, you have to work on a social media strategy to find a way to share your message with the world. Once you have a couple of integrants you need to work on a strategy to keep them engaged so they will welcome new members and share a passion for your project. At the Blue Manakin, we help you with all the strategies you need, from social media to every Discord channel, we can help your community to grow and to skyrocket your project.

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How to sell NFTs?

How to sell NFTs?

When you have an Ethereum NFT which is based on open source so you can create them on OpenSea and sell them on Mint or Foundation.

Taking OpenSea which is the largest platform for selling and buying NFT this is what you can do to sell NFT:

  • Primero ve a tu perfil de OpenSea.
  • Selecciona el NFT que quieras vender desde tu biblioteca o colección.
  • Seleccionas Vender en la parte superior derecha.
  • Pones un precio y ahí defines el tipo de venta: de precio fijo o subasta programada.

In the sale, you will have the OpenSea service fee, which is 2.5 percent, and the royalty for the creator, which is sometimes 10 percent.

You will then need to confirm your sale by signing a transaction. And that’s it. You will now be in a position to sell your first NFT.

If you want a more detailed guide to creating and selling NFTs, we have a blog where we already talked about it and we leave it here. If you have a great project idea, consult us and we can help you with everything you need to launch an NFT or cryptocurrency project.

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How to write an NFT Smart Contract

How to write an NFT Smart Contract

Writing an NFT smart contract is something that can be done with programming, if we are not programmers we can hire one to make our own NFTs code, but here we will discuss how to do it with some common platforms for the creation of smart contracts.

What is a Smart Contract?

A smart contract is a code stored in the blockchain. In the NFT world it is what contains the collection of digital assets that we create and with it we can sell our NFTs on different platforms such as Opensea.

What are the advantages of having our own smart contract?

Creating your own smart contract, as opposed to having a shared one from platforms such as Opensea, gives you many advantages such as:

  • platform independence
  • You do not run the risk of having your collection limited or undergoing policy changes.
  • You have more courage and confidence in the long run
  • Making web3 integrations easier is a completely free and one of the most convenient tools to create smart contracts in Ethereum without programming and allows to set shared royalties for all marketplaces that support this option.

To create our own smart contract:

  • Let’s go to the application
  • Click on Start New Contract.
  • Choose whether we want it to be ERC-721 (1/1) or ERC-1155 (1/x) NFTs.
  • We write the name of the collection and the initials

The contract goes to an ethereum test blockchain known as Rinkeby where we can request ETH for free in order to minify the contract and verify that everything is correct so we can now launch it to the ethereum mainnet by clicking on “Edit” in the Dashboard and clicking on “Confirm”.

In our Dashboard we can also see the smart contracts we have created and manage them to create new NFTs or give access to wallets.

Manifold offers other options but for them you must have a little knowledge in programming, but in general as we have explained you can generate smart contracts.


Rarible can create smart contracts on Ethereum, Tezos and Flow blockchains by following these steps:

  • Go to Create
  • We choose the blockchain of our preference.
  • Log in with the corresponding wallet
  • Click on “Create Collection”.
  • We generate our own smart contract.
  • We fill in information such as the name of the collection, the contract and initials

The process would be followed in the same way for all blockchains.

Studio 721

Studio 721 helps us to generate our smart contract in Ethereum offering us several useful tools, it is somewhat more advanced but the customization possibilities it has are greater.

The platform allows us to get a little more into the generated code, thus introducing modifications, and it also allows us to generate a pfp project with its Artkit in the smart contract.

Studio 721 You can:

  • Make collaborations with other collections so that users who own your NFT can mine in your smart contract,
  • Generate whitelists
  • Store your NFT metadata wherever you want.
  • You can create an interface to mine NFTs in a specific contract.

As we can see, there are platforms that make it easier for us to generate our smart contracts, so there is no excuse not to start creating our collection if we have a good idea. In The Blue Manakin we are always here to guide you with your collection.

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Influencer NFT Marketplace

Influencer NFT Marketplace

There is no such thing as an influencer marketplace or platform available. For now, the best social media for finding NFT promoters is Twitter. Here you will encounter a lot of promotions, giveaways, and shilling from different Crypto and NFT projects. These promoters usually offer other services on other platforms, but Twitter is the crib of crypto promoters at the moment. YouTube has some relevant promoters that are also worth taking a look at. The best way to make sure that a promoter is legit is by looking at websites such as Social Blade, where the promoters receive a score based on the engagement that they have. However, it is always important to do your research. For example, an influencer on Social Blade might have a low score because of his low engagement, but maybe that low engagement is full of potential buyers. Quality is more important than quantity.

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NFT Influencer Marketing Agency

NFT Influencer Marketing Agency

An NFT influencer agency works in the same way as a celebrity agency. It is a group of influencers that have the same manager, who is in charge of scheduling the promotional posts. To find the best influencer agency you can start off by searching influencers and if they have an agency they´ll redirect you to it. This way you ensure the agency has accounts that you may like. Every promoter can offer a different price and services, but if you work with an agency, you can hire a package that includes all the influencers at once. At the Blue Manakin, we sometimes use this strategy to do massive promotion campaigns.

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NFT Influencers Cost

NFT Influencers Cost

There are different factors that affect an influencers´ price. You need to take into account the type of service you are requesting; are you looking for an ambassador? A retweet? A tweet? A giveaway? An Instagram story? The possibilities are endless as you can mix and match on different platforms. It is also incredibly important to take into account the number of real followers, interactions, and trustability. At the Blue Manakin, we help you find the right influencer to reach your target audience according to your budget.

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NFT Influencers for Hire

NFT Influencers for Hire

There are a lot of accounts dedicated only to crypto and NFTs on Twitter and Instagram where you can find everything from news and announcements of new projects to collections and influencers selected to promote them. Some clear examples are @nftpays, @nftinsideres, @sharecrypto, @nft.analyst, @nft.wire, and @nft.magazine. There is little information about it on the web, but there are specialized crypto marketing agencies like the Blue Manakin where we have an extensive database with a list of NFT influencers with different price ranges and target audiences. From Solana influencers to Ethereum, our database helps us deliver the best service to our customers.

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NFT Influencers on Facebook

NFT Influencers on Facebook

Looking in the search bar for words like “”NFT”” “”CRYPTO”” and “”NFT PROJECT”” you will see groups and accounts that are related to the NFT world. Sounds obvious, but you need a hawkeye when you search for your perfect influencers. Many groups are only for talking about NFT related subjects, not for promotions and shilling. Depending on what you are looking for, you may have to look for specific groups that announce real projects with a relevant engagement. Also, look for accounts that offer whitelist spots, giveaways, and rewards, these accounts could help with your project.

To avoid fake promotion accounts you have to look at the comments on every post, are the users real? Do the users that comment make relevant comments about the project? Are they interested in investing in crypto projects?

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NFT Influencers on LinkedIn

NFT Influencers on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not a social network that works for promoting NFT projects. The crypto market moves to other platforms like Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and Instagram. On LinkedIn, there is a more professional feel and NFT projects and influencers tend to be more casual which is why you don’t see the same engagement as on other social platforms.

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NFT Influencers on TikTok

NFT Influencers on TikTok

Promoting a new NFT collection on video platforms is one of the most impactful tactics for the community interested in investing in NFTs.

Finding the best influencers on TikTok is a complex task due to the huge amount of accounts that exist, dedicated to different utilities of blockchain technology. At the blue Manakin, our catalog of TikTok influencers and our knowledge about the most effective NFT influencers for your launch are at your service.

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NFT Influencers Promotion

NFT Influencers Promotion

“NFT influencer promotion or influencer marketing is one of the most effective tools for the promotion of a new NFT collection. It consists of the mention or positive review by the NFT influencer of a collection or new project.

NFT influencers´ marketing has a significant impact on the promotion of an NFT collection, around 90% greater than NFT promotion in conventional media. The great advantage of promoting an NFT through influencers is that their community, previously segmented and highly specialized in non-fungible tokens, takes note of each novelty presented in the channel.

At the Blue Manakin, we have a wide range of NFT influencers for the promotion of any new collection.”

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NFT influencers: The top 25 influencers to follow in 2022 between IG, TT and YT

NFT influencers: The top 25 influencers to follow in 2022 between IG, TT and YT

In the NFT world there are countless content creators, but which are the real influencers, that’s why we bring the best influencers of the main social networks that are used for this world, which are Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

Top 10 on Twitter.

On Twitter we can find from collectors to market analyzers and collections, so here are the top 10 that you should follow.

1. RealMissNFT. 159.7K followers

One of the most influential women in the NFT space. This artist is known for her edgy and innovative works as an NFT, so she generates quite a buzz within her community.

Currently, she always uploads updates about her work in progress Mathematics, follow her to learn more about this metaverse.

2. Cryptobaristas. 8.5k followers

He has caught the attention of thousands of Twitter users for being one of the first and most popular NFT coffee shops.

Following him equally brings awareness as he talks about the coffee industry, and supports reforestation efforts in Honduras.

3. Farokh. 236.1K followers.

This is an influencer who loves to collect NFTs, among his possessions he has important pieces like “Make Love Not War” by AlienqueenNFT and some of Cory Van Lew’s watches.

He has rug radio, which is a channel he uses to talk about investments and NFTs.

4. Deezer. 190k followers.

Director of the @fractional_art account on Twitter where he collects NFTs from the metaverse. Has his project, NEONDAO which makes it possible for users to create in-depth avatars with new features in the metaverse.

Here users can create mages, warriors, and much more.

5. Ohhshiny. 129k followers

One of the developers of DIGITAL which is a company dedicated to investing and growing the metaverse.

In his social networks, he talks about his passion for NFTs through the promotion of NFT creators, and the latest trends in cryptocurrencies, and also shares opinions on the evolution of NFTs.

6. Dikasso. 23k followers

NFT creator and collector in his repertoire include artwork from Rarible, Based Fish Mafia, and Tide Estates. He doesn’t consider himself an influencer but his large community of followers would disagree.

7. J1mmy.eth.  118k followers.

Founder and CEO of NFT42. A company that offers a range of NFT solutions, including lifelike avatars built on Ethereum and tools for brands to launch and manage their own NFTs.

NFT42 equally oversees the most active NFT community and offers mini competitions built on Ethereum in the metaverse.

8. Nounsdao.  43k followers.

To achieve more reach and notoriety, this brand has launched several campaigns that reward users in the NFT space to make creations that pair their signature glasses.

It’s an NFT gone meme, so by following it you not only get to find out about the latest things concerning NFT but you can also have a good laugh with their marketing campaigns.

9. Richerd. eth. 45K followers

CEO of Manifold, software that provides NFT creators with the tools they need to develop NFT collections with ease of navigation.

In their networks, They bring a great awareness of NFT security and the influence of cryptocurrencies and NFTs on physical issues.

10. Gorro. 182k followers

This influencer focuses on giving the latest news about NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and trading.

Twitter users follow this account for tips on how to sell NFTs, invest in NFTs, and how trends in the physical world affect the metaverse.

11. Gremplin. 57K followers

Creator of funky NFT artwork, on his networks he promotes other creators he likes.

He also likes to share information about NFTs and cryptocurrency trends.

Top 10 Instagram NFT influencers.

On Instagram, we can find influencers of all kinds and not only of NFT who share interesting information about this environment through images that often attract attention or themselves.

1. Mark Cuban. 17.M followers

He is a big shark in the world of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and investors. His content used to focus solely on cryptocurrencies, but with the rapid rise of the NFT market, he started to dabble in them as well.

Mark Cuban is appreciated for his appearance on Shark Tank, his financial and personal advice, and his strategic investments.

2. GmoneyNFT. 41K followers.

He gives his followers up-to-date information about NFTs and the metaverse. In addition to the fact that he also organizes events in the metaverse and donates the proceeds to various foundations, both of which he has influenced that he has already become a verified metaverse account.

3. PranksyNFT. 21K followers

One of the most influential women in NFT is the founder of NFTBoxes, a company that provides custom boxes to users filled with NFT collectibles.

In her networks, you can learn more about her project and in general if you are interested in the NFT project talk.

4. Artchick. 3.9k seguidores

NFT creator, motivational speaker, UX designer, and painter. She is known for promoting and celebrating other NFT artists as well as designers and painters in the physical world.

In her, you can find many interesting and beautiful arts that you will surely like to be part of your NFT collection.

5. Mattmedved. 83K seguidores

A proponent of NFT development, he mainly offers advice on NFT investments.

By following him you can understand how cryptocurrencies and NFTs work, along with tips on how to be in this digital space.

6. Garyvee.  9.8M seguidores

Developer of the veefriends project to create a community and knowledge base for everyone interested in the NFT world.

Users can also view their NFT collections and will also be able to attend educational sessions to expand their knowledge of the metaverse.

7. Snoop Dogg.  70M seguidores

Snoop Dogg’s main ambition in the NFT world is to make Death Row Records the first NFT music label.

Snoop Dogg at the VMAS performed with Eminem Feat BASIC. If you want to be entertained for a while but still connected to the NFT world you should follow him.

8. Beeple. 2,5M seguidores

Snoop Dogg at the VMAS performed with Eminem Feat BASIC. If you want to be entertained for a while but still connected to the NFT world you should follow him.

In his networks, you can find very cool art that will only make you want to go deeper into this world to get some like this.

9. EllioTrades. 500K seguidores

Influencer of NFTs who has a lot of knowledge about web 3.0 and the interactions that it generates through the blockchain and decentralized.

By following him you can learn more about web 3.0 as he is developing companies that are dedicated to the education of these topics through social networks.

10. Bitboy 474K seguidores

He is a cryptocurrency enthusiast with a huge following on Instagram. The content creator is dedicated to imparting news and updates on cryptocurrencies through reels.

He is considered one of the most trusted influencers when we talk about cryptocurrencies and the world of this sphere, as he has been here since 2011.

Top 5 YouTube influencers NFT.

If you keep up with gaming influencers, you may have come across NFT influencers on YouTube. NFT YouTube influencers offer how-to videos. These videos teach users the basics and advanced concepts of NFTs.

If you prefer NFT influencers who take a more hands-on approach, consider the top 5 NFT influencers on YouTube.

1. RyandCrypto .  41k seguidores

In this channel, we can find information and tips on which NFT projects to follow.

By following it you can take away a lot of knowledge on how to learn how to flip your NFTs, plus RyandCrypto loves to fund creations he sees potential in.

2. El Bitcoin Express.  170k seguidores

In this channel, we can expand the knowledge we have about the cryptocurrency environment.

This channel explains very well Ethereum, privacy, and security in the metaverse, as well as the latest news that exists in this space.

3. Giancarlo. 95k seguidores

This channel is exclusively about NFTs. This influencer likes to talk about the best tools we can find for free on NFT, the free mint collections we can find on NFT, and also the best collections we can find for the rest of 2022.

4. JRNY Crypto. 65k seguidores

This influencer shares everything we need to taste regarding crypto and NFT investment strategies.

This channel is the hub for NFT developers to communicate with other NFT lovers and share news and sell NFT.

5. NFT Times. 47K seguidores

This channel specializes in digital marketing and supports NFT artists, musicians, and other digital influencers.

Here we can get tips on marketing NFTs and how to avoid the most common mistakes to make them more attractive.


We hope that these accounts will help you a lot in your journey through the wide world of crypto and NFTs. We are sure that by following them you will be able to find all the latest news about what is happening and you will be filled with lots of investment tips.

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NFT Marketing Agency: How to choose the best one

NFT Marketing Agency: How to choose the best one

Making an NFT collection known can be complicated, especially in a world where new ones are created every day. And the market and what people are looking for are constantly changing.

That’s why we emphasize that we always allocate part of the budget we have in our project to people who are experts in this changing world, to a marketing agency.

But how can I choose the best one out there? Here are a few tips:

  • Expertise and experience

We will start by reviewing what other collections they have worked on, see how they have worked with the community, their social networks, and if the project did well.

  • Compliance

Marketing especially NFT marketing is constantly changing, so the agency we are looking for adapts well to this. Delivering marketing strategies promptly, tasting clear that maybe what worked for one collection may not work for another.

  • Connecting with the crypto and NFT community

All projects in this field seek to create a decentralized society, so cross-project support is essential.

Marketing agencies have not only worked with their clients and will make collaborations with them, but along the way you build assignments with other communities and with whom you can surely create some collaboration to not only highlight your collection but theirs as well.

  • Relational engagement

Agencies in the NFT world are looking to take their assignment further. They look for pride in generating a sold-out and having a completely professional and friendly assignment with the founders of the project.

  • Budget

Along with the previous point, sometimes we may think that agencies will charge us dearly and stay at a high cost. But a good marketing agency that sees the future of a project will find a way to adjust to the real needs of your collection and make a budget according to what you can afford and what can be offered.

Do not create a false judgment in your head, it is always better to ask.

  • Professionalism and credibility

A marketing company by your side can be a confidence builder for investors, future buyers, and members of your community.

You will notice the interest and commitment to the project through how involved the founders and the agency behind them are.

In The Blue Manakin, we have all the tools to adapt to the constantly changing world of NFT and the most important thing is that we are always there for our clients, so do not doubt that putting your trust in us will be worth it. Ask about our services.

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NFT vs Metaverse – Key Differences

NFT vs Metaverse – Key Differences

In recent months we have seen emerging technology news and trends centered on the Metaverse.

The Metaverse along with NFTs

The Metaverse offers many new experiences in the virtual world such as attending virtual concerts, traveling, shopping, transacting, going to the movies, trying on clothes, changing the way you work, creating new branding, etc.

The main connection between Metaverse and NFTs is that it contains a complete economy and encompasses the physical and virtual worlds, so it is decentralized.

Hence the assignment between the two is related to digital assets and how value is assigned to them.

The blockchain

When we talk about NFTs as assets for transacting in the metaverse, it is necessary to clarify that they use the same blockchain technology that cryptocurrencies use, although they are not a type of currency per se.

We know digital assets as works of art, video game content, music, or any material that can be attached to that particular token. Hence why so many artists and content creators have joined this new trend of monetizing their work.

The assignment with blockchain goes through a fundamental pillar as it is that this technology ensures that these assets are verifiable, that is, buyers of a single asset can monitor it.

Why are NFTs the key to the metaverse?

The unlimited trading opportunities offered by the Metaverse make its association with NFTs a natural fit.

NFTs can help gain exclusive access to a specific location in the Metaverse and virtual property titles.

Examples include:

Fair and transparent economy: the union of the two allows individual users and businesses to easily represent their assets and solutions in the real world in a decentralized digital environment.

The blockchain network would be responsible for providing transparency and immutability as the metaverse would be based on this fair and open economy where there would be no possibility of artificial inflation of values.

Purchase of property:  metaverses allow users to obtain full ownership of virtual rooms in the metaverse through NFT. Examples include selling virtual land for profit or renting land for passive income related to building business, or event development.

The possibilities are endless and there is much more to discover.

The coming together of NFT, Metaverse, and Blockchain marks a tipping point and has the potential to transform the future.

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Promote NFT on OpenSea

Promote NFT on OpenSea

OpenSea is the largest platform for buying and selling NFTs. In OpenSea, there is not a space to promote your NFT, but there are tools to validate it, which generates confidence with community members who are going to buy it since in the profile of your collection you can place your social networks and discord.

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Promote NFT on Quora

Promote NFT on Quora

Quora is a social network for sharing and answering questions. If you have doubts about something, you really like a subject and want to know more, or you just want to learn new things; Quora is the ideal space and is the next step to what was Yahoo Answers. Quora works very simply and is similar to Reddit, you follow the topics you like and you have a feed. In these, there are hundreds of questions that you can answer and get upvotes and downvotes so that when a user enters the question your answer appears at the beginning or the end. How to promote my crypto project in Quora?

  • Search for areas and questions related to the project you have, whether it’s an NFT, an ICO, IDO, or any crypto project.
  • Find questions that don’t have many answers, so you can position yourself first without the need to have many upvotes.
  • Check the questions that have the most upvotes and leave your answers.
  • Create your answers with passion and be forceful.
  • Create posts and questions as if you were going to search them on Google, so anyone who searches for them will find them directly. You can also create questions about your project.

At the Blue Manakin, we have SEO experience to generate questions and answers that will give your project more visibility.

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Promote NFT on Rarible

Promote NFT on Rarible

Rarible is a platform for creating, buying, and selling NFTs. It is not really a space to promote your NFTs, but nevertheless, it is good to have your collection there since it gives folks more security when buying NFTs on a platform.

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Promote NFT on Reddit

Promote NFT on Reddit

The way the NFT community moves around Reddit is through forums called subreddits. The community in the subreddit participates by sharing a project, discussing some news, or showing their work. Once you finish reading the post you can decide between giving it an upvote or a downvote, this will make the post go up or down in the subreddit. So the best way to promote NFT on Reddit is to search the subreddit related to the subject and make a striking post to get upvotes.

Sometimes to post on a subreddit you are asked for certain age and karma, which you can earn as you participate in the communities, making posts and comments. At the Blue Manakin we have the age and karma to promote your projects on the best subreddits.

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Promote NFT on Telegram

Promote NFT on Telegram

Telegram is one of the main platforms when it comes to the crypto world, both for NFTs and for Cryptocurrencies, and it works perfectly. Telegram is the direct contact with the community. The main difference with Discord is that here you can focus the communication only on the people who are interested in your project, taking advantage of the pinned message function to share project updates. Another way to do NFT Telegram marketing is by shilling your project into the best Telegram groups that exist related to the topic.

At the Blue Manakin, we know the best groups for shilling and we can moderate your Telegram group.

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What are non fungible tokens (NFTs)?

What are non fungible tokens (NFTs)?

NFTs are an asset that cannot be imitated, in the digital world that is compared to selling any other type of asset or property, but in an intangible form (soft technologies). These tokens can be seen as certificates of ownership of virtual or physical assets.

How do they work?

With NFTs, different digital files can be tokenized to create a digital certificate of ownership that can be bought and sold. As with cryptocurrencies, a record of who owns what is stored on the shared ledger such as the blockchain.

The records cannot be falsified because this “ledger” is securely maintained by thousands of computers around the world

NFTs can also contain Smart contracts that could provide the artist with, for example, a share of a future sale of the token.

In many cases, artists retain the copyright to sell copies of those works and thus continue to sell. But for a buyer of an NFT who holds the token, it proves that he is the original owner of the work. Some people compare it to buying a copy signed by the author.

In theory, anyone can tokenize their work to sell it as an NFT, but interest has grown following reports of multimillion-dollar sales.

In this way, everyone can give “value” to NFTs simply because they believe it is valuable, which is why there are multimillion-dollar sales. In addition, they have the following characteristics:

  • Strangely unique
  • Non-interoperable
  • Indivisible
  • Indestructible
  • Absolute property
  • Verifiable

Understanding the basics of NFTs is one of the first things we must do to learn more and more about them.

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What are The NFTs are and how do they work?

What are The NFTs are and how do they work?

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are an asset that cannot be imitated, in the digital world that is compared to selling any other type of asset or property, but in an intangible way (soft technologies). These tokens can be viewed as certificates of ownership of virtual or physical assets.

How do they work?

With NFTs, art can be tokenized to create a digital certificate of ownership that can be bought and sold. As with cryptocurrencies, a record of who owns what is stored in a shared ledger such as the blockchain.

The records cannot be falsified because this “ledger” is securely maintained by thousands of computers around the world

NFTs can also contain Smart contracts that could provide the artist with, for example, a share of a future sale of the token.

In many cases, artists retain the copyright to sell copies of those works and thus continue to sell. But for a buyer of an NFT who holds the token, it proves that he is the original owner of the work. Some people compare it to buying a copy signed by the author.

In theory, anyone can tokenize their work to sell it as an NFT, but interest has grown following reports of multimillion-dollar sales.

In this way, each person can give a “value” to the NFT with the simple fact that they believe that it is something valuable, that is the reason for the multimillion-dollar sales.

Main characteristics of NFTs

The main characteristic of NFTs is that they are not digital assets, but pieces of digital content that will be stored on a server.

There are different value ranges for each NFT based on its rarity and exclusivity.

therefore its value is greater and may even increase over time.

They are based on two standards, the original ERC-721 of Ethereum, where NFTs began to move, and the more current ERC-1155, which allows working with several tokens at the same time through a single smart contract, unlike the original , which requires a smart contract for each token.

We have already seen some examples of NFT throughout the entire article,

  • la obra de Beeple
  • El primer tweet
  • Coleccionables de la NBA.
  • NFT del meme Nyan Cat vendido por más de 700.000 dólares.
  • NFT de la primera portada de la revista Time, actualmente en subasta.
  • NFT de la antología de terror Killroy Was Here del cineasta Kevin Smith, actualmente a la venta.
  • NFT Vic Rattlehead: Genesis de Megadeth, una imagen del logotipo de la banda y su mascota en movimiento, vendida por 18.000 dólares.
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What can be converted into NFTs?

What can be converted into NFTs?

As we have mentioned before in our blog posts, we identify NFTs as non-tangible assets that can be bought and sold.

It is the market and people who attribute a value to them even though they are not objects or services but simply fully digital assets that do not deteriorate through use and can be replicated without deterioration, these can be anything from a meme, an MP3, a skin for a video game. Imagination is our only limit.

That is why we will show you a list of the most curious NFT to demonstrate that anything can be:

  • The first-ever tweet.
  • The flying cat meme: Nyan Cat
  • “Morons white” by Banksy.
  • Daft Punk by Lohan.
  • The first NFT album is the new work of the rock band Kings of Leon.
  • Virtual furniture.
  • Shoe filter. Gucci sells virtual sneakers in NFT format.
  • Time covers.
  • Artwork Everyday: The First 5,000 Days, the most expensive NFT ever sold.
  • The doodle of a bridge.
  • Pringles and Taco bell with cyber flavors and taco gifs.
  • Coca-cola with their friendship boxes.


NFTs are undoubtedly big e-commerce and virtual commerce trend where huge amounts of money have been moved.

There are already many different collections as well as many unique items that are available in the form of NFT, if you have a great project idea contact us and we can help you. Imagination is the only limit.

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What does it mean to buy an NFT?

What does it mean to buy an NFT?

NFTs have been known as a public registry of authenticity and ownership for digital assets, which is realized through blockchain technology.

A token is the digital representation of a financial asset, i.e. an asset that can be traded on the market.

This token is registered on the blockchain and thereby becomes a type of contract that gives ownership to the person who owns or exchanges this token.

So NFTs are digital assets protected by cryptography and exist only in a digital registry.

Now, we can better understand what an NFT is: a contract that guarantees the ownership and authenticity of a digital asset within a network of public registries.

NFTs because of their exclusivity have a value that has involved multi-million dollar sales and has been a way to generate thousands of dollars. These assets have promised a revolution in virtual transactions.

Finally, with this concept, we can say that buying an NFT means that we are buying an asset that is a digital asset and that is unique, so we will not find another one like it anywhere.

After buying it, where does it go?

The best way to store an NFT is through a wallet, one of the most popular ones known is metamask. This wallet connects to platforms such as OpenSea and there we can visualize our NFT.

So, in summary, we can enter the project website or we can go to OpenSea, and there we buy the NFT, it is registered in a blockchain and there it stays, what changes are the people who own it?

Then we buy it and it is stored in our wallet of preference or that is compatible with the blockchain network in which the NFT is located, finally, to see it we connect our wallet to a platform such as OpenSea and we can visualize it.

We hope this information can help you feel more confident about what happens when we buy an NFT and the profits we can get through them.

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What is an NFT whitelist?

What is an NFT whitelist?

More and more new NFT projects keep appearing in the market and one way to get a secured space in the mint of these is through the Whitelist.

The Whitelist is a way in which both users and creators of the collection can win, as users are given the opportunity to get the NFT at a low cost while for the creators, it serves as a list to get an idea of how the sale will go, even with this first exclusive mint you can get an initial fund to start moving the project further on the roadmap.

How to join a Whitelist?

Here we will share some recommendations for finding and joining Whitelist projects:

  • Get to the project before the mint date

All NFT projects in their early stages will have a Whitelist with a limited amount of slots, so if we get to the project on time we can see what activities the creators are doing to give away a spot on their WL.

  • Join the social networks and the NFT project discord

Every good NFT project has social networks mainly Twitter and much more important, they must have a discord server. Many times on their networks and discord there are competitions or invitational activities where the prize is a spot on the whitelist. In these accounts is where we will find the most updated information about the collection.

  • Follow the instructions to join an NFT whitelist

Each project manages its whitelist differently so it is important to always check what are the requirements to join a whitelist. Normally in the collection’s discord server, we can find a channel usually called #Whitelist-info.

The whitelist is important because they give us an opportunity to join collections for lower prices, it is a way to get even closer as a user to a project. What is important to mention is that many times by DM both in discord and Twitter we can receive messages offering us places in a whitelist or telling us that we have been selected, many times these messages can be a scam. Remember that no moderator or project founder will send you a DM.

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What is NFT Marketing?

What is NFT Marketing?

Because of the growing popularity of NFTs, there are a rising number of proposals available on the internet. Ultimately, today’s supply outnumbers the demand. So, to assist your NFT in standing out from the crowd and becoming lucrative, you’ll need to implement a good NFT marketing approach. There are different approaches to doing NFT marketing and at the Blue Manakin we have the necessary experience to choose the right approach according to your target and to make your NFT a success.

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Where can I sell NFT?

Where can I sell NFT?

At the beginning, Open Sea was the most known platform for buying and selling NFTs if it wasn’t on Open Sea, it didn’t generate the same trust.

But nowadays we already have different platforms for NFTs and not only NFTs from the Ethereum network.

We mention them to you below:


Backed by Mark Cuban, it is a platform for buying and selling NFTs that is working to become an open marketplace, similar to Open Sea.

It uses the Ethereum network but one of its advantages is that it allows you to create them without charging gas and you only need to connect your cryptocurrency wallet


It is considered the second-best platform to buy and sell NFT after Open Sea.

It has a clean and clear interface, which makes it possible to know which NFTs are trending and an area to explore topics you like.

The platform not only makes it possible to market or sell NFTs but for creators, it even makes it possible to get royalties of up to 50 percent on future sales (although 5 or 10 percent is common).


Ethernity is a platform that makes it possible to market exclusive and reduced-version NFTs, with a particular focus on sports, such as soccer or soccer.

Ethernity provides 2 mechanisms to market an NFT: an auction or if an owner of one that has been traded on the platform wishes to sell it. The platform keeps 75 percent of the sale price, both of which are given to the artist.

There are personalities such as Messi or Luis Suarez on this platform.


OpenSea, which defines itself as the largest NFT platform, gives a diversity of non-fungible tokens, such as artworks, domain names, and collectible cards, among others.

Digital objects comply with ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards – which endorse veracity and exclusivity – in collections such as Axies, ENS (Ethereum Name Service) domain names, CryptoKitties, and Decentraland, among others. In addition to auctions, Open Sea makes it possible to sell items at fixed costs.


This has been the platform of choice for Twitter founder Jack Dorsey to auction the first-ever tweet for $2.9 million.

You can check ongoing auctions or enter the link to any message and rule whether you want to sell it or buy it.


We hope this post has helped you learn about a few extra options to what the Open Sea and Rarible are. But as we always remember that this post is not an investment recommendation, it is up to each one of us to do our research to taste where it is more convenient for us to invest.

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Where did NFT came from?

Where did NFT came from?

NFTs have been big business nowadays, many things have already been sold as such, from the first tweet to the New York Times articles (sold for half a million euros) to Marco Montemagno’s photos.

According to Glitch CEO Anil Dash, the whole story of NFT began as an elaborate project for a hackathon (an event in which experts from different fields of computer science participate in various capacities) that had paired artists and programmers.

What was its beginning?

It was 2014, Dash writes when he was paired with digital artist Kevin McCoy on that project. We were at the height of Tumblr culture. A bustling and inspiring community of millions of artists and fans shared images and videos without attribution, compensation, or context. A solution to that problem became the seed of their idea.

McCoy and Dash had created an early version of a blockchain-compatible means of claiming ownership of an original digital work. So they gave our creation an ironic name, not an acronym like NFT. They called it monetized graphics. Neither Dash nor McCoy patented the idea, although McCoy spent some later years evangelizing it. But both envisioned their creation as a way to give artists more control over their work. The technology would allow artists to exercise control over their work, sell it more easily, and protect themselves more strongly against others not authorized to appropriate it.

Proto NFT approach

The “proto NFTs” conceived by Dash and McCoy are fascinating because they are explicitly artist-oriented and not necessarily as interested in profit, unlike the NFT market we have now. McCoy, on the other hand, created ‘Quantum’ which is considered to be the earliest known NFT and one of the most historically important examples of crypto-art. The work of Kevin McCoy, a New York digital artist, simply depicts an animated geometric figure on a black background that keeps changing shape and color. It was created in May 2014.

NFTs journey:

NFTs have benefited artists, but this technology evolved much more, being many companies that have entered this world making different campaigns and more and more people are entering with new ideas of how to reward many people in this world.

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Who are the Best NFT Influencers?

Who are the Best NFT Influencers?

To name a few famous male NFT influencers in 2022: Mark Cuban, Yam Karkai, Pransky, Farokh, Gmoney, Punk 6529. Snoop Dog, Gary Vee, Steve Aoki, Lil Pump, Post Malone, Shaquille O’Neal, Grimes, and Logan Paul. The best female NFT influencers or advocates are Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Reese Witherspoon. As you can see, most of them are famous in other fields but they are the top or biggest NFT influencers because they massively reach other audiences.

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