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Luxury fashion and beauty brand Yves Saint Laurent has filed NFT and metaverse trademark applications for its name and logo

Famed French luxury goods company Yves Saint Laurent Parfums SA is set to make its debut in the metaverse with an application for a trademark related to the use of non-fungible tokens (NFT) for virtual products.  The company will launch hair and body care products ready for beauty lovers to use in virtual worlds. Yves […]

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How artificial intelligence will change our world?

Among the 6 technologies that will change the world, according to Google, artificial intelligence is one of them and the company’s executives said they would like to see what they can do in five years.  In ten years artificial intelligence will become decisive and will change our world. Work processes are simplified. Artificial intelligence will […]

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Shiba Inu and Bugatti group team up over demand for its drop of NFTs.

The drop in cryptocurrency prices in 2022 has also poured cold water on the nonfungible token (NFT) space. However, the sector started the new year on a rough note, as the first week of 2023 saw a 26.01% increase in sales compared to the last week of 2022.  New collaboration for an NFT collection On […]

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Artificial Intelligence: Who created it and what is it used for?

The history of artificial intelligence began in 1943 with the publication of the paper “A logical computation of ideas immanent in nervous activity” by Warren McCullough and Walter Pitts. But the term artificial intelligence was first used in John McCarthy’s 1956 lecture “Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence”. In turn, the same John McCarthy […]

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Microsoft plans to invest 10 billion dollars in OPENAI, the company that created Chat GPT

Microsoft plans to invest 10 billion dollars in OpenAI, the artificial intelligence company that created ChatGPT, the chat system created by robots that, after only one month of life, has achieved great success, according to the specialized media. The operation would raise OpenAI’s value to 29 billion dollars. Microsoft will retain 75% of OpenAI’s profits […]

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Types of Artificial Intelligence that exist

Different types of artificial intelligence offer different ways to make machines think and act like humans. Unlike what we are used to seeing in movies, various types of artificial intelligence are not so utopian and are already all around us. echnology has only helped to carry out the most sophisticated processes, especially in digital marketing. […]

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Rolls Royce partners with British painter to launch ‘Six Elements’ NFT

The automaker commissioned British artist Sacha Jafri to endow the vehicle with a unique work of art. What makes this collection of cars so special? What makes these cars unique are the artists Rolls-Royce works with to build them. Rolls-Royce Abu Dhabi and Rolls-Royce Dubai began the project by commissioning British artist Sacha Jafri to […]

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What is AI?

Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to mimic the way humans learn and reason. This branch of computing aims to replicate cognitive processes in machines. Depending on what you are trying to emulate, there are Artificial Intelligences that think like humans and others that act like humans, because it takes into account emotion and […]

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Fidelity seeks new opportunities in the Metaverse market.

Fidelity explores metaverse possibilities and plans to launch NFT and virtual real estate markets. Fidelity’s Durbin says wealth managers have yet to understand cryptocurrencies. Fidelity files three trademark applications and enters the metaverse with big plans. The company capitalizes on key areas such as virtual real estate investing, NFT trading and marketplace services. The company […]

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Top 25 NFT Influencers to follow on IG, TW, YT this 2023.

NFT influencers are becoming increasingly popular as the metaverse expands. People interested in NFT trading want to know more about how to do it and seek out influencers for it. There are all kinds of NFT influencers, some teach how to create NFT and others explain how to invest in NFT. You can follow various […]

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movieplex and opensea

Movieplex and Cinema Libre team up to launch NFT film on OpenSea

Movieplex premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2021 as a limited edition Founders Collection package of several film titles. Movieplex has partnered with Cinema Libre to present NFT feature films on OpenSea. In a press release issued Wednesday, collectible film platform Movieplex announced a partnership with specialty film studio Cinema Libre to present […]

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25 Crypto influencers to follow on IG, TW, and YT for 2023.

Finding the right people to teach you about topics like cryptocurrencies can be difficult. If you’re a cryptocurrency enthusiast looking for some insight into the world of cryptocurrencies. What is a crypto influencer? The popularity of social media and the growing interest in cryptocurrencies has made it possible for cryptocurrency influencers to regularly inform themselves […]

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Turkey to start using blockchain-based ID for online services

Shortly after the Central Bank of Turkey will complete the first test of its CBDC, Turkey launched a blockchain-based digital identity application. A digital Turkey in 2023 Turkey plans to use blockchain technology to log into online public services. e-Devlet, Turkey’s government digital portal used to access a wide range of public services, uses blockchain-based […]

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Ferrari Abandons Crypto Sponsorships After F1 NFTs Drop.

Ferrari in Formula 1 has ended its brief involvement in the cryptocurrency market after spending all of 2022 sponsored by one brand. Ferrari is another Formula 1 automaker that has not renewed a contract with cryptocurrency companies in recent months. After terminating its contract with Vela blockchain Ferrari exits the cryptocurrency market after sponsorship Below […]

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apple aumenta comision

Apple increases its commission with applications that sell NFTs

Apple updated the App Store guidelines and included a section reporting that apps wishing to exchange NFTs must use its in-app purchase system. However, recent updates to the App Store guidelines make it clear that Cupertino also wants its share of the non-fungible token exchange. The Californian company yesterday released a list of modifications and […]

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Polygon outperforms the big boys in NFT market cap

According to a Dec. 29 tweet from economist Alex Kruger, recent developments led Solana to double its market cap to double that of Polygon. One of the reasons for the growing interest in Polygon is the burgeoning NFT market. What led to this new surge of new NFT interest? Simultaneously, the appearance of Donald Trump […]

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Visa proposes automatic payments using Starknet

Visa says that self-service wallets can use a unique “account abstraction” method to set up automatic recurring payments on StarkNet because existing smart contracts do not allow this feature. Account abstraction Payment processor Visa recently proposed a solution called “account abstraction” that uses smart contracts to enable automatically scheduled payments on Ethereum. This solution involves […]

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Australia company suffers from pokémon company’s lawsuit over sale of branded NFTs

This Thursday it was revealed that The Pokémon Company was suing an Australian company for unauthorized use of Pokémon characters in an NFT game. According to the report, Australian company Pokémon Pty Ltd, also known as Kotiota Studios, is responsible. A game that uses Pokémon is sued. This company advertises the PokéWorld game on its […]

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The importance of the digital marketplace with the metaverse and NTFs

First of all, it should be noted that companies can develop their business in the Metaverse through NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens. These are nonfungible tokens which are an object similar to a currency in the digital world, but without legal tender value since it is created by a private entity, as is the case of […]

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The potato chip brand Sabritas has launched the NFTazos

At the end of November, Sabritas announced NFTazos, a line of digital collectibles based on the iconic original Tazos that circulated in Mexico mainly in the 1990s. What are NFTazos and how do they work? Unlike other NFT products that can be reviewed or purchased on platforms such as OpenSea, NFTazos are exclusive to JOY […]

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