Video production in Motion Graphic

Motion graphics' video

In a motion graphics video creation project, our first step is to understand the briefing with the client. “What do we want to tell, where do we want to tell it, who do we want to tell it to, and why” are the first questions we will put on the table. Once these preliminary questions have been worked out, we move on to action.

  • We write a first script proposal.
  • We create an outline or storyboard for the video.
  • We listen to customer feedback and apply the relevant changes.
  • We animate the piece and add the necessary sound effects, music or voice over.

Motion Graphics for Social Networks

In social networks, the variety of content is important, as is knowing how to capture, the user’s attention.

Motion graphics videos, are produced taking into account the parameters of success in networks and the latest trends in format and look and feel, to work directly for this purpose.

That is why, at The Blue Manakin, we create motion graphics videos for social networks, adapting them to what the user is not expecting to see but wants to see from a brand.

  • Instagram stories and Instagram feed
  • Reels and Instagram tv
  • Videos on Tiktok
  • Gifs for Telegram
  • Gifs and stickers for Instagram
  • Fleets for Twitter
  • Long-term videos on Facebook