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Crypto Marketing and digital art

Digital art known as NFT has made a big change to the world and the collecting industry, the things that we used to like to have in a tangible way such as collectible cards of a series or program, postage stamps, retro items, or even the art itself. What brings this new type of collecting […]

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How to make and sell an NFT?

Opensea is the largest marketplace for digital goods such as collectibles, video game objects, digital art, and other types of assets that remain stored in the Ethereum blockchain. That is why below we will talk about some steps we must do to be able to publish and sell our NFTs through this marketplace. Create a […]

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What does it mean to buy an NFT?

NFTs have been known as a public registry of authenticity and ownership for digital assets, which is realized through blockchain technology. A token is the digital representation of a financial asset, i.e. an asset that can be traded on the market. This token is registered on the blockchain and thereby becomes a type of contract […]

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What NFTs are used for

NFTs are digital assets that gained a lot of popularity during the pandemic years becoming worth thousands and thousands of dollars. Currently, the market has stabilized more and we no longer see both madness as before, even part of this is due to the fall that cryptocurrencies had almost nothing. These assets can be found […]

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What are non fungible tokens (NFTs)?

NFTs are an asset that cannot be imitated, in the digital world that is compared to selling any other type of asset or property, but in an intangible form (soft technologies). These tokens can be seen as certificates of ownership of virtual or physical assets. How do they work? With NFTs, different digital files can […]

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snoopdog NFT influencer

7 Top NFT influencers

Currently, the NFT market tends to attract more famous personalities than cryptocurrencies, this is possible because NFTs tend to be more colorful and fun collections than cryptocurrency projects that we see as something more serious. This is why in this new post we are going to review those whom we can consider as the people […]

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Valuación NFT

Valuation of NFT’s

As we taste, in the crypto world there are two types of tokens: fungible and non-fungible. Fungibles are those that function as money, a peso is always a peso invariably from the conditions of the coin. A peso coin can be replaced by any other peso coin. On the other hand, non-fungible tokens are unique […]

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Where to find NFT influencers to hire?

Every NFT collection needs a diffusion by all possible means, so we must find the ideal people for this. This diffusion can be carried out by people or pages specialized in the NFT world, which know and more importantly the communities that can make our collection a success. The disadvantages come in that sometimes it […]

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The use of NFTs

NFTs have become very popular over the last few years, we all know the story of someone who made the investment and had great returns, or we have all wanted to be part of BAYC. But it is clear that the first thing we assign to NFTs is art, and it is a reality that […]

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England will allow sending legal documents via NFT

The High Court of England and Wales has granted Fabrizio D’Aloia, founder of the Italian online gambling company Microgame, to file a claim through his lawyers Giambrone & Partners LPP to anonymous persons through an NFT drop to their wallets. This move will allow Mr. D’Aloia to serve legal documents to these unknown users through […]

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