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The Bored Ape Yacht Club Story

Imagine a yacht club where a huge amount of cartoon apes get together to discuss the latest science fiction they’ve read or share tips on crypto art collecting. Well, welcome to the Bored Ape Yacht Club this was NFT’s most talked about project in crypto circles. There is a reduced supply of tokens, in this […]

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How are NFTs being used in the fashion industry?

Many miracle strategies have been attributed to this industry lately to renew it, and the latest is the one that says NFT and fashion, a connection that, although perhaps not as transcendent as upcycling or the commitment to sustainability and circularity, is equally relevant for a sector that increasingly honors the cliché of the avant-garde. […]

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Is there devaluation in cryptocurrencies?

Inflation is a monetary phenomenon whereby the costs of consumer goods rise as a result of a loss in the cost of currency. Currently, people are talking about a viable uptick in inflation. Conventionally investors have saved themselves from this phenomenon by investing in gold, silver, or real estate. But then is Bitcoin a viable […]

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What is an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)?

An IEO mainly takes place once a new cryptocurrency project wants to launch its cryptocurrency or blockchain product, and needs relevant investment capital to do so. Difference between ICO and IEO IEO differs from an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in that it is facilitated by a cryptocurrency exchange such as Binance. Projects can raise funds […]

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Scientific blockchain project: Cardano

Cardano the first blockchain, considered a scientific one and a third-generation blockchain for its scalability and stability, under a layered design that gives flexibility, ease of maintenance, and the possibility of updates through soft forks. Its scientific approach and peer-reviewed academic research offer a cryptographic development capable of producing a large volume of financial transactions […]

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Blockchain Games: How does they work?

 Blockchain-based games are games that use the real ownership of items used in the technology at the core of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or Ethereum. What is their basis?  These blockchain games are formed by programs created for players to be introduced to the cryptocurrency market by obtaining unique NTFs as digital assets to carry […]

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Crypto Marketing: Algorithms in major Social Networks

Social networks have changed a lot over time, but the most important thing has been that they went from being a simple space where you share moments, thoughts, ideas, and photos with your friends, to a space where companies, entrepreneurs, brands, and where we saw the birth of personalities influencers, use every day as a […]

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Types of cryptocurrency wallets and how they work

Wallets are digital wallets where we can store our cryptos and connect to the web 3.0 and the Blockchain network in a decentralized way to perform any type of operation. Wallets are protected with a series of keys, and these are divided between public and private keys. Clave pública: The public key is like an […]

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The crypto trading

Trading is a form of investment and searches for profitability that has become very popular in recent years thanks to the advance in technology and information systems. What is trading? Financial trading consists of the buying and selling of listed financial instruments (shares, companies, currencies, commodities) using an online platform, to obtain short-term economic profitability. […]

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Problems of cryptocurrency marketing

Cryptocurrencies have been in the world of digital marketing for a few years now, but despite the existence of experienced marketers in this world, companies still do not see the importance of having a department specialized in this area as part of their work team or do not designate enough budget and believe that anyone […]

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NFT influencers: The top 25 influencers to follow in 2022 between IG, TT and YT

In the NFT world there are countless content creators, but which are the real influencers, that’s why we bring the best influencers of the main social networks that are used for this world, which are Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. Top 10 on Twitter. On Twitter we can find from collectors to market analyzers and collections, […]

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Cryptocurrencies in the market and digital marketing.

The main purpose of cryptocurrency is to secure online transactions. In the world of digital marketing, monetary transactions are something important so this is where virtual currency plays its role, as it allows users to make their online transactions have a high level of security. Incorporating cryptocurrencies or Blockchain in social networks not only changes […]

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Cyber security: Microsoft Argus

Last year Microsoft unveiled a blockchain-based anti-piracy technology to bolster anti-piracy campaigns. What is it? Argus is the name given to the platform designed by scientists at Microsoft, Alibaba, and Carnegie Mellon University. This platform is based on the transparency aspect of the Ethereum blockchain technology to pay rewards to those who incriminate people or […]

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SEO cripto

Seo marketing of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have brought several changes in different areas, the way business is done, the way exchanges are generated, a new way of investing money, and even how salaries are paid. But we can say that one of the most notorious changes that cryptocurrency has brought is in the way we do business marketing strategies thanks […]

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How to make a google AD for cryptocurrencies

In August 2021 its financial products and services policy was updated by Google. This update clarified the scope and requirements for cryptocurrency advertising in Google Ads. To qualify for Google’s certification, the following characteristics had to be met: Be legally registered as a money services company. Comply with the legal requirements of the country or […]

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Crypto Capitalism

Capitalism is the economic system that is based on private ownership of the means of production, in which the market serves as a mechanism to allocate scarce resources efficiently to generate wealth that goes to private individuals and not to an organization such as, for example, the state. Understanding this concept of capitalism, how do […]

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