What are the most recommended NFT categories for a release?

Beyond the NFT art that was the foundation stone that started this technological revolution about 2 years ago, the alternatives to carry out projects NFT Marketing with important applications and formats, they are getting bigger and stronger. The challenge for a new NFT project lies precisely in going beyond being a classic digital collection, and offering a distinctive element based on its usefulness or Format. There are several categories of NFTs that are important to know:

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How should a brand use NTFs in its marketing strategy?

2022 is the year of NFTs. What for the last few years has been a growing trend in some parts of the world, today is the beginning of a new reality for thousands of brands, not just luxury brands. Little by little, the NFT marketing is a must for all class of brands in the world.

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NFT para campañas de marketing

The integration of NFTs in brand marketing strategies

What for many experts in blockchain technology is one of the most important developments in recent years, for the public around the world it has aroused a growing and growing interest. Currently 2022 marketing trends point to the inclusion of NFTs in campaigns marketing for different brands.

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How to boost a brand through NFT marketing

Over the past year, the implementation of target strategies NFT marketing for different brands, was one of the most distinctive digital branding tactics in terms of marketing. The example of brands such as Coca-cola or Taco Bell laid the foundation for making NFT-Marketing one of the most powerful tools in the world.

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Why are NFTs an excellent opportunity for brands?

The expansion of the utilities and applications of the different Tokens is without a doubt a source of opportunities in all directions. Particularly NFTs currently represent a great opportunity for different types of brands and companies.

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