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representación gráfica de un juego nft

Why is it important to know what an IGO is?

The NFT universe continues to evolve rapidly, and in the same way as the types of NFTs are beginning to diversify into different applications, Gamified NFTs are one of the areas that shows the greatest growth in the medium term. Like the launch of an ICO, the IGO (Initial Game Offering) allows you to buy Tokens or NFTs in the initial phase of a blockchain game.

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The importance of an agency specialized in Crypto-Marketing

For the launch of a new blockchain project, the marketing strategy is essential. In Latin America, the growth of DeFi is even faster than in other parts of the world. A logical association is the role that a specialized cryptocurrency marketing agency has for any token project.

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What is an IDO?

Known as IDO (initial dex offering) it is a common concept in DeFi. It is basically a token offering made on a decentralized exchange. A new form of fundraising in which the launch of a cryptocurrency is offering a liquidity exchange. On this asset exchange, traders can trade tokens as cryptocurrencies or stablecoins. The IDO, are an evolution of fundraising […]

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diversidad de nft

Most popular NFT apps

The world’s interest in Non-Fungible Tokens is becoming more and more widespread. Collectibles and NFT Art pieces are the categories that have attracted the most popularity initially, and of which the public knows more, however with the accelerated evolution of blockchain technology, their applications have diversified and specialized more and more in different types of NFT. These are the most popular NFT categories.

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Why are NFTs an excellent opportunity for brands?

The expansion of the utilities and applications of the different Tokens is without a doubt a source of opportunities in all directions. Particularly NFTs currently represent a great opportunity for different types of brands and companies.

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Platforms to learn about upcoming NFT releases

Something similar to platforms to list a cryptocurrency , are the platforms or lists for upcoming NFT releases.

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The best platforms to mint NFTs

The minting of an NFT collection is one of the first and perhaps the most important steps in launching a collection. That is why we show you the best platforms of this 2022 to coin an NFT collection.

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Can I sell my NFT collection on different platforms?

The existence of an NFT is not possible without going through the minting process, which is basically the tokenization of the digital version of a piece by means of the blockchain.

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Most Popular ICO Listing Sites

Especially in the ICO, the lists of cryptocurrencies are a tool where it is necessary to pay attention, because among the promotion strategies, their distribution in directories popular ICOs, allows a cryptocurrency project to have an important initial level of diffusion.

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Lanzamiento de una ico

Why is it important to list a cryptocurrency?

The launch of a cryptocurrency has, as we have said, several phases and all of them are fundamental. There are several reasons why list a token or cryptocurrency within an exchange is extremely important for the life cycle of a token, and its adoption.

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El petro es la criptodivisa oficial de venezuela

How has Latin America adopted cryptocurrencies?

A clear example of the use of cryptocurrency in Latin America is Venezuela, which only in 2012 registered an inflation of 686.4%. In this country, many citizens use the sending of remittances from abroad through cryptocurrencies, which guarantees coverage against inflation and the intervention of traditional banking institutions. During May 2012 alone, BInance reported that trades from its platforms had increased by 75% just during that period.

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Adopción de las criptomonedas en distintos países de América Latina

How is the cryptocurrency market progressing in Latin America?

The Blockchain is one of the most disruptive technologies of the last decade and that, at least within the American continent, seems to still have many prejudices to break down . Not only that, but everything related to services or applications generated in the cloud. Latin America is currently one of the markets with the greatest lag in terms of digitization worldwide. About this, the obvious question is. How is the cryptocurrency market progressing in Latin America?

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reprentación gráfica de una ICO

What is it and why do ICO-marketing?

The growing supply of cryptocurrencies in the market is an unequivocal sign that it is an industry that tends to fortify itself and about which there is much to know. The question may sound basic but it is still important. What is it and why do ICO marketing?

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Influencer marketing for the launch of an NFT collection

Within an NFT-marketing strategy for the launch of a collection, influencers are one of the most powerful existing tools. And it is not by chance, in almost all sectors a phase of marketing strategies integrates the use of one or several influencers and although this is usually a phase of the entire development scheme of a launch, the influencer marketing is usually something like a “nitro shot” for a campaign.

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representacion gráfica de una cadena de bloques

The best DeFi projects of 2022 – part 2

The list of best DeFi projects for this year is extensive and worth a lot of detail on each of the most disruptive decentralized finance projects that promise a lot for the coming months.

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una hoja de ruta representada en papel

What characteristics must the roadmap of an NFT collection meet?

The diversity of formats to prepare the roadmap of a NFT project is very large, and in many ways depends on the objectives and the specific sector to which a collection is directed. However, there are some parameters that every roadmap must meet for the launch of an NFT collection.

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representación gráfica de un roadmap para nft

Why is the roadmap for the launch of an NFT so important?

In the strategy of launching a new NFT collection, there are no steps we can skip. Everything is extremely important and although the disruptiveness of your project is a “plus” that counts a lot, it is also true that a highly structured work will help you not lose direction. That is why we explain to you the importance […]

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represantación gráfica de una blockchain

The best DeFi projects in 2022

Although with a long road already, decentralized finance is the structure of the blockchain that, particularly this year, will undoubtedly see exponential growth throughout 2022, We present the most outstanding DeFi projects for this year.

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usuario movil interactuando con redes sociales para nft

What social channels does an NFT launch need?

Social platforms are a key element in the marketing strategy for launching an NFT collection. It is not difficult to imagine why, since being digital tokens developed on the blockchain, their only means of distribution is the virtual.

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Características de las finanzas descentalizadas

The importance of DeFi in the evolution of the economy

Mainly in Ethereum, but eventually in other blockchains such as Solana or Binance Smart Chain, DeFiis a concept that is becoming more and more relevant in the evolution of the economy. All financial services managed on public blockchains such as Ethereum are known as DeFi or “Decentralized Finance” Although this is an elementary concept, especially for those with […]

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