decentralized finance

representacion gráfica de una cadena de bloques

The best DeFi projects of 2022 – part 2

The list of best DeFi projects for this year is extensive and worth a lot of detail on each of the most disruptive decentralized finance projects that promise a lot for the coming months.

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represantación gráfica de una blockchain

The best DeFi projects in 2022

Although with a long road already, decentralized finance is the structure of the blockchain that, particularly this year, will undoubtedly see exponential growth throughout 2022, We present the most outstanding DeFi projects for this year.

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Características de las finanzas descentalizadas

The importance of DeFi in the evolution of the economy

Mainly in Ethereum, but eventually in other blockchains such as Solana or Binance Smart Chain, DeFiis a concept that is becoming more and more relevant in the evolution of the economy. All financial services managed on public blockchains such as Ethereum are known as DeFi or “Decentralized Finance” Although this is an elementary concept, especially for those with […]

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protocolo de consenso de solana

What is the Solana consensus protocol?

Not only Solana AKA «the ethereum killers», but most of the new Blockchain, are based on the PoS consensus platform . Which is basically a replacement for PoW miners in order to validate the next block.

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solana, the ethereum killer

Meet Solana. «The ETH Killer».

In the race to dethrone Ethereum from the blockchain leadership, Solana is fast becoming the alternative, considered by several investors as «the ethereum killer» Why? Because it is faster and cheaper.

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