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Top 10 cryptocurrencies of Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is a term used to describe the next generation of the Internet that goes hand in hand with emerging technologies such as blockchain, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. You can get into this Web 3.0 by investing in a selection of top-notch projects that we will discuss shortly. What are […]

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Sony buys 3D animation studio for a sports metaverse

Sony, one of the largest companies in the entertainment and electronics world, recently completed the purchase of Beyond Sports, an organization that specializes in using data from around the real world to generate 3D animations. Beyond Sports could bring Sony into the sports metaverse The news came a few days ago after it was announced […]

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Key features of Web3

Web 3.0 talks a lot about blockchain, the internet of things, and AI. This new generation of the Internet will influence websites, applications, and all kinds of devices that manage to connect to the Internet. In this new version of the web, the client becomes more protagonist, allowing greater connectivity between devices and individuals, and […]

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Meta cuts headcount after poor projection for the future.

Meta announced Wednesday that it will let go 11,000 employees, 13% of its workforce, in the first huge round of mass layoffs in the company’s 18-year history. Mark Zuckerberg was hit pretty hard by the downturn in ad revenue from his multibillion-dollar, and for now ruinous, Metaverse bet. “I want to accept responsibility for this […]

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Mattel will launch a new Marketplace for its Hot Wheels NFT collection

The Hot Wheels NFT collection is currently on the WAX blockchain and will move to Flow with the launch of the marketplace. Mattel has announced the launch of a dedicated NFT platform, which is going by the name “Mattel Creations” and will debut with the launch of the fourth version of the Hot Wheels-based non-fungible […]

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Is web3 a cryptocurrency?

The concept of Web3 is one that we have already heard a lot these days and that is gaining more and more strength in the world. Although Web3 is not a cryptocurrency, it is something that will be able to boost them. An example of a good integration between Web3 and a cryptocurrency is The […]

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Amazon Studios, Apple and Netflix are fighting for the movie rights to FTX and SBF

Amazon Studios, Apple, and Netflix are competing to see who will get the film and TV rights to Michael Lewis’ book about the FTX collapse. U.S. creator and financial journalist Michael Lewis are working on a book covering everything about the FTX collapse. This is because Lewis has spent time with Sam Bankman-Fried, he has […]

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Are Web 3.0 and metaverse the same thing?

Lately in the world of cryptocurrencies and the internet of things we have heard concepts such as the metaverse and Web3. These concepts are still in development and both promise monumental changes to what we know as the internet as a large part of their integration is blockchain technology. Although both concepts may come together […]

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Examples of Web3

Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 refer to continuous iterations of the web, compared to the original Web 1.0 of the 1990s and early 2000s. Web 3.0 examples. Web 3.0 applications Referring to the crypto world, these are the applications that are promised to arrive and will be made available to everyone on this web. 1. […]

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Cristiano Ronaldo launches first NFT collection with Binance

Cristiano Ronaldo’s first NFT collection is now available as of November 18 as part of a unique multi-year engagement with Binance, the Blockchain ecosystem and chief cryptocurrency infrastructure distributor worldwide. A collection that seeks to integrate The launch is aided by a worldwide marketing campaign played by Ronaldo, which aims to get his admirers into […]

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What is the Web3?

The evolution of web 2.0 brings the promise of decentralization, blockchain technology, and transforming users into owners. Web3 interacts with the evolution of the internet as we know it, and its main characteristic is that it will be a decentralized internet using blockchain technology. The open web Web3 is defined as open, where the cost […]

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Binance launches free online Blockchain course with NFT certificates

The cryptocurrency crisis is not an obstacle to continue learning about them and all they have to offer because the more people know how crypto works, the easier it will be to avoid scams, frauds, and collapses. Binance takes action Binance, the world’s largest exchange, has Binance Academy, which has just launched a free online […]

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How to promote NFTs on the Open Sea?

OpenSea is the largest platform for buying and selling NFTs. In OpenSea there is no space to promote your NFT, but here we will share with you some tools that will help you build trust with the community members who will buy it. The marketing of an NFT plan is paramount to the success of […]

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The purchase of cryptocurrencies through Mercado Pago is a fact in Mexico

Mercado Libre is one of the Fintechs with a presence in well over a dozen territories in Latin America. It launches the purchase, marketing, and saving of cryptocurrencies through its payment wallet in Mexico. Territories with Mercado Libre The fact that Mercado Libre gave the green light that now Mexico will be given the service […]

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Apple enables Crypto Payments via USDC

Circle, the company behind USD Coin has added support for crypto payments via Apple Pay. iPhone users will now be able to buy cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum on their favorite exchange using Apple’s wallet, making it easier for non-cryptocurrency customers to get a taste of this world. Circle further commented that Apple Pay […]

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How can I publish NFTs on Instagram

It has been known for a few months now that Instagram had started testing the sharing of NFTs on its platform, leaving only a few users this service as a test. In August 2022, the social network expanded its testing to 100 countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and the Americas, and added support […]

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FTX Crisis Ignited Debate at LaBitconf, Latin America’s Largest Bitcoin Conference

The collapse of Sam Bankman-Fried’s empire has been the talk of this year’s LaBitConf in Buenos Aires. Latin America’s largest cryptocurrency conference, LaBitConf 2022, began on Friday and ended this weekend. The hysteria even caused Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin surely the conference’s most recognizable speaker to give a surprise talk at the start of its […]

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Withdrawals at increase after its CEO admits a transaction problem

Many users decided to withdraw their funds from over the weekend after the company’s CEO mentioned that the cryptocurrency exchange had mishandled a transaction of about $400 million. CEO Kris Marszalek commented on Twitter that the transfer was sent to the wrong type of account on another exchange. Fear runs fast Concern over […]

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What is the new Shiba Inu Blockchain, shibarium?

We all know the Shiba Inu token “SHIB” which is a coin that had an unexpected growth, causing profits of thousands of dollars to many people but today is classified as a shitcoin. The token, like many other cryptocurrencies, is not going through a good time due to the great fall of Bitcoin. Shiba has […]

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FTX goes down

FTX crashes and drives cryptos lower

Bitcoin on the edge of $16,000 has reached a new low, just a year after its all-time high, causing many investors to fear for the safety of the market in the face of the collapse of one of the biggest traders. The bankruptcy of FTX has created a crisis of confidence in the crypto world […]

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