Are you looking for a Digital Marketing Agency?

The Blue Manakin is the right digital marketing agency for you.

With more than 15 years of experience, the Blue Manakin team can offer the following services for your business

  • Design and Development
  • Landing Pages Development
  • Banner: Design and Adaptable Formats
  • Motion Graphic Video Production
  • Social Media & Community Management
  • Influencers, Public Relations and Media
  • SEO positioning on Google
  • SEO Copywriting
  • SEM and Social Media Campaigns
  • Massive Production
  • Outsourcing: Project Management

Design and Development

We offer a design and development service for native web pages or CMS, we deal with WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Mono, etc., or customer-owned sites.

Our team specializes in UX, UI, design, copywriting, front-end and back-end development, integration with CRM and other technologies, etc.

Landing Pages Development

We are experts in the creation, customization and optimization of landing pages. We don’t stop at page design, we focus on the objectives, targets and insights of the related campaign. We constantly measure the results, optimizing the page throughout the project, we do it because its success is as important to us as it is to you.

Banners – Design and Adaptable Formats

We conceptualize, design and create banners in all existing formats, starting from masters provided by the customer or developing concepts from scratch.

Motion Graphic Video Production

We conceptualize and create Motion Graphics videos, we bring your ideas to life. From tutorials, to reels to Tik Toks, we play with creativity and formats to achieve a successful result.

Social Media & Community Management

A good social media strategy is essential for any brand. Equally important is the work of the professional community manager, who not only publishes content, but knows the secrets of each platform and is an expert in community management.

Influencers, Public Relations and Media

We work with influencers and digital media of all kinds thanks to a solid background in public relations.

We manage every aspect of the project, collaborating with the best figures on the market.

SEO positioning on Google

We offer complete SEO service, we take care of every aspect, from purely technical activities to SEO Oriented content, to make sure that every web page is optimized for search engines.

SEO Copywriting

Writing well is not enough, high quality content requires SEO Oriented attributes to be attractive to search engines.

We are experts in SEO Copywriting, we generate content that tells your story effectively.

SEM and Social Media Campaigns

We offer a service dedicated to SEM and paid campaigns, we create messages that reach the optimal target, at the right time, in the right way, in any country.

We focus on optimizing conversions, impressions and CTR.

Massive Production

We create tailor-made work systems for agencies and brands aimed at streamlining and optimizing the costs associated with the production of digital content.

Thanks to this approach we can offer an outsourcing service dedicated to mass production with high-quality standards.

Outsourcing – Project Management

We plan the organization of any digital project, directing and managing it, from conception to marketing, to the analysis of results.

Outsourcing – Project Management

Pianifichiamo l’organizzazione di qualsiasi progetto digitale, dirigendolo e gestendolo, dall’ideazione, alla commercializzazione, all’analisi dei risultati.  

The Blue Manakin team has also specialized in web marketing and digital marketing for crypto coins and for NFT; if you have a Crypto or NFT project and want to rely on a specialized Digital Marketing agency, The Blue Manakin is the perfect company for your needs.

The Blue Manakin has its headquarters in Madrid but is distributed in decentralized offices all over the world: Italy, Thailand, Mexico, Ecuador, and Brazil.

Our team has worked successfully for companies around the world. If you would like to discuss your projects with a representative of The Blue Manakin team, contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!