NFTs Promotion Agency

Lanzamiento de NFTs

Launch of NFTs

For an NFT project to be successful, it needs to have a previously defined communication strategy. When launching an NFT project, it is necessary to have a series of active and functional channels and influencers ready to support its viralization among the most experts in this world from day one.

It is a completely new world and there is no right line, but studying the most successful projects, such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club or the Crypto Punks and the other projects that have reached astronomical numbers, we know perfectly well what to have ready in the launch phase.

Promotion of NFTs Projects

Once the project is launched, there are many actions that can be carried out. Giveaways on twitter, influencers campaigns, merchandising production and also positioning in the most important selection platforms and directories of NFTs.

The purchase of NFTs is very similar to a purchase of art, but the profit is much faster, the purchase of a painting is a long-term investment, while in the NFTs investors are looking for a quick profit. For this reason, there are strategies very similar to the promotion of cryptocurrencies.

At The Blue Manakin we advise and execute campaigns aimed at increasing the value of NFTs and their visibility.