Cryptocurrency promotion in Latam

Cryptocurrency promotion in Latam

At the Blue Manakin we are specialized in promoting cryptocurrencies in LATAM and throughout the Spanish-speaking market. Our professionals are located between Mexico and Spain with collaborators in different Latin American countries.

Colombia is a place of great contrasts, on the one hand it has the largest network of Bitcoin ATMs in Latin America, on the other hand there is the greatest lack of regulation of payments for cryptocurrencies since the government doesn’t yet fully support the adoption of cryptos as a form of payment.

This causes the vast majority of the main players in the country to move into a gray area, although many local businesses already accept payments for cryptocurrencies.

Nuestro servicio de promoción de criptomonedas en Colombia consiste en la generación de contenido localizado y en su distribución en los canales más importantes del país como por ejemplo:

  • Panda Exchange,
  • RSK,
  • Vive Lab,
  • Inticolombia
  • Paxful
  • LocalBitacoin

In Mexico, the “Fintech law” has been enacted, which allows the normalization of digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, guaranteeing regularity to users.

Mexico has a Blockchain Association and the government has promoted several projects such as: HACKMX in order to make these actions transparent for citizens.

Nuestro servicio de promoción de criptomonedas en México nos permite colocar todo proyecto en los canales adecuados para su comunicación.

Peru has established itself in 2021 as one of the countries with the highest number of transactions in the crypto world, this despite the fact that the government has failed to regulate crypto assets.

El sistema crypto está activo en el país, es por eso que nuestro servicio de marketing de criptomonedas en Perú podrá ayudar a colocar cualquier proyecto en el mercado haciéndolo crecer exponencialmente.

In the country there are more than 80 establishments that receive crypto-assets as a form of payment, even some institutional projects have developed blockchain technology. Some of the main participating companies in the crypto world in Peru are:

  • LocalBitcoins.
  • Binance.
  • Kraken.
  • PaxFul.

The pandemic has caused the cryptocurrency market to explode in Chile, causing some institutions such as “CriptoIntercambio” to want to regulate the market.

Nuestro equipo de expertos tienen la capacidad de brindar el servicio de promoción de criptomonedas en Chile, haciendo que estas se posicionen en el mercado gracias a la relación con influencers locales y contactos directos con canales del país.

The Brazilian Securities Commision (CVM) created a set of regulatory standards for the exchange of cryptocurrencies on March 15, 2020. The country has more than 14 million users who buy cryptocurrencies as monetary insurance thanks to the depreciation of their coin.

Some of the most important operators in Brazil are:

  • Mercado Bitcoin.
  • FoxBit.
  • OriginalMy.
  • Binance.
  • Houbi.

Nuestro servicio de promoción de criptomonedas en Brasil te ofrece el posicionamiento del proyecto en los primeros lugares de popularidad con un flujo de trabajo y estrategias de comunicación hechas a medida.

Promoción de criptomonedas en Argentina.

BITSO has entered the Argentine cryptocurrency market in 2021 making it grow by 68%, the Latin American country is now in the top 10 countries worldwide for asset exchange.

Nuestro servicio de promoción de criptomonedas en Argentina ofrece a los proyectos crypto una planeación estratégica de comunicación digital y posicionamiento de marca en el target, gracias a la presencia de colaboradores en el país y al contacto constante con influencers locales.

Venezuela has grown exponentially in the cryptocurrency market in the last 8 years, placing it among one of the first Latin American countries with the most cryptocurrency exchange.

Nuestro equipo de profesionales puede llevar cualquier proyecto crypto al éxito con el servicio de Marketing para Criptomonedas en Venezuela. Contamos con un equipo de producción de contenido localizado, especializado en campañas de promoción digital y en lanzamientos de proyectos de cryptos.

In Costa Rica, the opening to the circulation of cryptocurrencies by the government, contributes to the creation of new blockchain projects that have special development potential in the country .

We have all the strategic and technological tools to integrate an effective and disruptive Marketing for Cryptocurrencies strategy.

The Island of Cuba has recently begun to prepare its national legislation for the total opening to the use of cryptocurrencies as a financial regulation mechanism that will allow Cubans to stabilize their purchasing power in the face of the international economic blockade.

At Blue Manakin we are a Marketing agency for Cryptocurrencies in Latam, specialized in integrating communication strategies and promoting crypto projects from any country.

regulacion de las criptomonedas en cuba
marketing para criptomonedas en ecuador

Given the growing advance of cryptocurrencies in Ecuador, the BCE plans to integrate regulatory standards for operations with cryptocurrencies, but they are focused solely on preventing the commission of crimes such as Money Laundering.

From the market of cryptocurrencies in Latin America, the launch of a cryptocurrency in Ecuador offers a wide potential for development and expansion to other countries.

We are an agency of experts in marketing for cryptocurrencies, with extensive experience in promoting cryptocurrencies on different digital platforms.

The transformation of all El Salvador to the Crypto Economy, beginning with Bitcoin, provides the perfect terrain in the Latin American country for the launch and circulation of new cryptocurrencies.

We are an agency specialized in Marketing for Cryptocurrencies in Latam that will accompany your project from the creation of the Whitepaper to Marketing for ICOs

criptomonedas en el salvador
estrategia de markeging para el lanzamiento de una criptomoneda

Despite the fact that the regulations on cryptocurrencies in Guatemala are only responsible for making users aware of their responsibility when using them, the use of cryptocurrencies in Guatemalaa is extensive and enjoys full openness.

Latin America is preparing to be the main world platform in the development and use of cryptocurrencies. The creation of a new token and the participation of a cryptomarketing agency specialized in Latin America, is essential to guarantee the positioning and successful development of a new financial token.

The penetration of cryptocurrencies in Honduras is very similar to countries like Argentina, Colombia or Chile, with Bitcoin as the only Token until the relevant moment so far in this country with no other real alternative in the cryptocurrency market in Honduras. This scenario makes the launch of a new cryptocurrency in honduras represents an especially relevant opportunity for its growth in this Latin American country.

Carrying out a crypto marketing campaign for Honduras requires the support of a highly specialized team in the trends and new innovations of blockchain technology, which knows everything from government regulations to the most effective channels and strategies. from cryptocurrency marketing.

We are a highly experienced team in launching marketing campaigns for cryptocurrencies in Latin America. For us at Blue Manakin, creating a project for cryptocurrencies in Honduras, is a job for which we have the necessary experience.

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With a regulation process by the central bank, the cryptocurrency market in Nicaragua already has a significant presence throughout the country. Currently there are already several exchanges operating with different types of cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin.

The launch of a new specialized cryptocurrency in Nicaragua has several conditions that favor its growth within this market. Fundamental to its success is the operation of a Marketing strategy for cryptocurrencies specialized in Nicaragua that promotes the growth and distribution of any token in the country.

We are the most important marketing agency for cryptocurrencies in Latin America, operating blockchain projects for different countries in the territory.

The government projects the creation of several blockchain projects in Panama that integrate all kinds of decentralized finance applications in the country’s economy. Not only for the launch of a new cryptocurrency in Panama. This country is currently leading government initiatives to make blockchain technology part of its entire technological structure.

With unmatched conditions compared to other countries in the world, the creation of a new cryptocurrency in Panama has great facilities for its development and integration in all economic spheres of the country.

At Blue Manakin we are a group of marketing experts for cryptocurrencies in Panama that offer any blockchain project strategic and effective monitoring and integration of different positioning and communication specialized in the block chain.

Estrategia de lanzamiento de una criptomoneda en Panamá
Uso de criptomonedas en Paraguay

The Paraguayan government allows the free operation of cryptocurrencies throughout the country. Congress is currently debating a bill that seeks to regulate the use of decentralized financial assets throughout the country.

In addition to the launch of a new cryptocurrency in Paraguay, the creation of blockchain-based projects within the country has significant development opportunities in the medium term.

For the creation, integration and operation of a marketing strategy for cryptocurrencies in Paraguay, at Blue Manakin we are the best alternative. We are currently the only agency specialized in crypto marketing in all of Latin America.

Puerto Rico is a country that has embraced blockchain technology with particular interest, not only for the operation with cryptocurrencies, but for the administrative operation of all its government structure .

The scenario of the launch of a cryptocurrency in Puerto Rico is especially attractive, since it is a country with a high level of international investments and transactions. Currently, it is being analyzed to make cryptocurrencies a legal payment method in Puerto Rico.

For the creation of a new cryptocurrency, such as the expansion of an existing cryptocurrency project, it is important to have an effective cryptocurrency marketing team . We are the most important agency in crypto marketing in all of Latin America

Penetración de las criptomonedas en puertorico
expansión de las criptomonedas en rapublica dominicana

The cryptocurrency market in the Dominican Republic is especially important throughout the Dominican Republic. Currently the country has one of the largest Bitcoin ATM networks in the world, a fairly high volume of trade compared to other economic sectors.

Although Bitcoin and Ethereum currently lead the cryptocurrency market in the Dominican Republic, the scenario for the launch of new cryptocurrencies in the country is particularly prosperous.

At Blue Manakin, we have all the experience and solidity to accompany the marketing strategy for cryptocurrencies from its origin, and through all the phases of any DeFi project.

The penetration of cryptocurrencies in Uruguay is quite important compared to other LATAM countries, currently the country has Ferret, the official cryptocurrency of Uruguay. In addition to a highly consolidated infrastructure for the operation with all kinds of digital tokens.

Launching a cryptocurrency in Uruguay has the prospect of significant growth capacity in the medium term. As in all of Latin America, the opening to cryptocurrencies as a deflationary alternative guarantees that a crypto project has good growth prospects in the country.

We are an agency specialized in Mmarketing for Cryptocurrencies in Latam, our team of experts has all the experience and knowledge necessary to guarantee the success of the launch of a new cryptocurrency for Uruguay.

Promocion de criptomoneda en Uruguay