Web pages: massive production

Diseño del flow de producción

Production flow design

Over the years we have defined the best work processes to be able to produce in the shortest amount of time possible, maintaining high quality standards. Something we always do when starting a new job is to first define the process flow with the client.   In addition, we have a team of developers and IT in house that integrates with our clients’ internal tools, so that the requests come directly into our system and are processed. Our customers always have a view of the status of each work order, so that sellers or customers themselves can be informed without necessarily having contact with us.

Massive but custom web pages

Thanks to our way of working, we are able to have a direct relationship with the client, because the contact with them goes through a group of people other than the technicians who will then be in charge of designing the web.

Our massive web page development team is made up of:

Senior account: The one who talks to the mail customer and their salespeople.

Junior accounts: They are the ones who call SMEs and interview them to understand how they want the web to be and collect the material.

Designers: They are the ones who design the web and deliver it to the accounts so that they can control that the client’s requests are respected.

Quality control: We have a small group of people who control the quality of all our products before passing them onto the customer.

Developers: They are the ones who get involved when they are needed or when there is an integration problem between the systems.

Ventajas principales de nuestro servicio de produccion masiva de paginas web

Main advantages of our mass production web page production service

The main advantages of our mass production web page service are:

On any platform, on any device.

WordPress, Mono, Magento, etc., we take care of the entire web content creation flow, offering a quality service and support in all phases of the web creation process.

A work system adapted to the client.

From the welcome with a call to action as needed, to the choice of template or consulting on materials, from the content creation, to the development and layout, and from the delivery and training to the end user or it’s maintenance.

Designed for business growth.

Our specialists create scalable and multi-device projects, which are able to grow at the same time as the business does by integrating the most modern technologies and functionalities.