Project management outsourcing

Project managers availables to the client

In these cases, we merge with the client and make the project our own, we get involved to define objectives and to structure processes and timing. Once this part is completed, we manage the tasks and the people in charge of them to meet the established delivery times. We take care of:
  • Setting the workflow and rollbacks
  • Managing tasks and equipment
  • Producing periodic reports
  • Ensuring delivery times

Selection and contracting of suppliers and profiles

It isn’t always easy to find the perfect profile for every project. In some cases, a local profile of each LATAM region is needed, or a very specific specialization in a specific country. We are able to search, filter and select those who are a perfect match between the talent and the client needs. And we know how to make the match work in time, if necessary.

In the same way, we look for niche profiles, also by region and country, knowing that in LATAM, local differences are the key to communicate and engage.

Once the perfect person has been selected, we manage their hiring and create a relationship of teamship and trust.
Selección y contratación de proveedores y perfiles