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BAYC y rolling stone

BAYC and Rolling Stone team up for a NFT Drop

Bored Ape Yacht Club one of the most popular NFT blockchain collections, announced that they had teamed up again with Rolling Stone for a 1/1 NFT drop (one BAYC and one MAYC). The auction lasted four hours and they were only accepting payments of their currency the ApeCoin with a starting price equivalent to $100. […]

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Shopify logo with NFT

Shopify is going to allow adding utility to NFTs

Shopify is leaning toward NFTs as the future of e-commerce so it announced last Wednesday that it is going to allow brands to make their stores more unique with these non-fungible tokens. Shopify is a company that allows you to create smaller business’s custom e-commerce stores and is now allowing you to launch these digital […]

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Solana to launch its WEB3 Mobile Phone

Saga will be an Android operating system phone presented by solana CEO Anatoly Yakovenko, which is intended to allow users to trade cryptocurrencies and NFT natively from its UI, making web3 This cell phone is Solana’s bet to enter the smartphone and blockchain market as this mobile will have support for assets such as cryptocurrencies, […]

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Mark Zuckerberg Launches its Meta Pay Payment System

Mark Zuckerberg recently unveiled the metaverse’s new digital wallet, Meta Pay, which arrives to replace Facebook Pay. This payment method was used in meta apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Messenger without leaving them. In May the company’s head of Commerce and Financial Technologies, Stephane Kasriel announced that its current payment service would be […]

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You can now use your NFTs as the face of your Apple watch

The future of NFT despite this bear market, continues to evolve and look for ways to fit into everyday life as we now have new updates where you can display our NFTs as a watch face. Zelf company has developed new software that allows Apple Watch owners to display their NFTs as a screensaver on their watch. The company Zelf, author […]

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One of the biggest signings, The popular Binance exchange and Cristiano Ronaldo are teaming up in a collaboration. NFT

Binance exchange and soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo announced Thursday a multi-year collaboration to offer fans an introduction to web3 via the world of NFTs with exclusive products. Together they will create a series of NFT collections that will be available on Binance’s platform, with the first collection expected to launch later this year. “Cristiano Ronaldo […]

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Popular online retailer eBay takes its step into blockchain by acquiring knownOrigin a marketplace from NFT

In a recent press release, eBay has announced the acquisition of one of the leading NFT platforms, KnownOrigin as part of the “technology-led reimagination” KnownOrigin was founded in 2018, this is a marketplace that allows you to create, buy and resell NFT. For the online marketplace giant, this is the way to expand into the […]

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Protect yourself while buying your cryptocurrencies and NFTs

In the last year, it has become more and more normal to see crypto assets, such as cryptocurrencies (BTC) and NFTs, being increasingly adopted by society, and being accepted as a method of financing and payment. It is therefore important that if you are going to start getting into this world, do it carefully as scams are still the […]

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Instagram starts testing NFT marketplace

Adam Mosseri CEO of instagram, has shared from his Twitter profile that initially this feature will be available only to a small group of content creators in the United States and will not have any additional cost. For the time being this feature will be available only to a select group of content creators, who are […]

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Ukraine sells a cryptopunk NFT #5364 donated for 90 ETH

In the wake of recent war events around the world, we have been able to realize how important cryptocurrencies can be, as we have witnessed uninterrupted monetary support in the form of cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH and tokens such as NFT. Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation, Alex Bornyakov in a way to be […]

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