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Estrategia de marketing para el ICO de una criptomoneda en LATAM

What characteristics should an ICO Marketing campaign have?

The importance of launching a ICO Marketing campaign is fundamental, and something that represents one of the most important efforts for the launch of a new cryptocurrency. Especially for the implementation of a crypto marketing strategy in Latam, the ICO is the phase with the greatest need for momentum, since a new cryptocurrency depends on its success. achieve the transcendence that any DeFi project expects.

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estrategia de marketing para el lanzamiento de una ICO

Why is ICO Marketing so important for a cryptocurrency launch?

For the development of a new cryptocurrency, the importance of an ICO is fundamental, since it is the initial financing phase that will define the completion of all the steps from the launch and distribution of a new token, and the eventual success in the mass distribution of a new Cryptocurrency.

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integración de NFT para ICO

How to use NFTs in the launch of an ICO?

En el mundo crypto existen muchas cosas qué explorar aún para el lanzamiento de una criptomoneda. Una de ellas es la convivencia entre los NFT y las criptomonedas. Un ejemplo útil para la estrategia de marketing para el lanzamiento de una criptomoneda, es la creación de Airdrops de NFT para una ICO.

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What is an IDO?

Known as IDO (initial dex offering) it is a common concept in DeFi. It is basically a token offering made on a decentralized exchange. A new form of fundraising in which the launch of a cryptocurrency is offering a liquidity exchange. On this asset exchange, traders can trade tokens as cryptocurrencies or stablecoins. The IDO, are an evolution of fundraising […]

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Most Popular ICO Listing Sites

Especially in the ICO, the lists of cryptocurrencies are a tool where it is necessary to pay attention, because among the promotion strategies, their distribution in directories popular ICOs, allows a cryptocurrency project to have an important initial level of diffusion.

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Lanzamiento de una ico

Why is it important to list a cryptocurrency?

The launch of a cryptocurrency has, as we have said, several phases and all of them are fundamental. There are several reasons why list a token or cryptocurrency within an exchange is extremely important for the life cycle of a token, and its adoption.

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reprentación gráfica de una ICO

What is it and why do ICO-marketing?

The growing supply of cryptocurrencies in the market is an unequivocal sign that it is an industry that tends to fortify itself and about which there is much to know. The question may sound basic but it is still important. What is it and why do ICO marketing?

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