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Hedera Hashgraph has launched a mintbar for NFTs

Hedera Hashgraph Network has launched Mintbar, a new web application that allows technical and non-technical creators to print standard HIP-412 NFTs. The Hashgraph Association announced funding for its first innovative project. Behind Hedera is the Hashgraph Association, which appears to have announced funding for its first 12 innovative projects in the fields of Fintech, Insurtech, […]

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8 Things You Shouldn’t Do in the Metaverse

Each virtual world has its own rules and regulations about what the user can and cannot do when logging in. The metaverse is similar to Second Life and other games in that it allows users to take on alternate personas, meet new friends and create their characters. Although it is a digital world, think about […]

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Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2023

Social networks have been very active this year, with Meta continuing its gradual decline, TikTok continuing its rise and Twitter in a delicate position. No one knows what will happen, but we can see the potential for real and viable changes next year. Top social networks Facebook Facebook has been the biggest loser because it […]

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Trump accused of using copyrighted images for his NFTs

Donald Trump has been accused of using copyrighted images in his NFT collection, with social media users calling his lucrative venture a “scam.” The NFTs feature the former president trying to be taken seriously as the 2024 presidential candidate, oddly mocked up as various characters, including a superhero, an astronaut, and a cowboy. According to […]

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What device do I need to enter Metaverse?

One of the recurring questions is how can we enter the metaverse and specifically what devices can we use to get the first glimpses of the metaverse. What types of devices are considered devices for the Metaverse? You can use a variety of different devices to access the Metaverse. The primary would be to have […]

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BeReal the app of 2023

The app of 2023: BeReal Throughout 2022, BeReal, the photo-sharing app that gives you a small window to snap a photo with both front and rear cameras, has won over social media users fed up with Instagram and TikTok with its simplicity and fascinated by its desire for authenticity.  BeReal became Apple’s iPhone App […]

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Donald Trump’s NFT collection is sold in its entirety

Donald Trump wishes to re-employ his position as president and because of this, he is running for the 2024 presidential election. But while that is happening, the former president has launched a collection of NFTs, while this announcement has been met with laughter from the locals, now Donald Trump claims that the entire collection of […]

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Can you make money in the metaverse?

The Metaverse is a digital place where we can interact and exchange experiences, using new digital identities called “avatars”, using logical support, which replicates the real planet, but without its restrictions. If we contextualize this criterion what we can see is a new world, a new digital world. Then, if we imagine that we are […]

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Metamask users will be able to use Paypal to buy cryptocurrencies

MetaMask and PayPal announced a tie-up to allow users to buy Ethereum (ETH) from the PayPal app. Crypto buying and trading services will be accessible to a certain number of users in the US, but there will come a point where this may be accessible to anyone, although the expansion of the wallet already makes […]

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How secure is Web3?

Privacy and stability when surfing the Internet are very relevant components. Web 3.0 is the next generation of the Internet, whose main focus is to make it more private and secure to enter a website. Web 3.0 improves privacy and security Web 3.0 is the name given to the evolution of an Internet with more […]

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Sony is interested in NFT and Blockchain integration

Public records from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) have revealed that Sony is seeking to patent a tracking system for non-fungible tokens (NFT) and Blockchain-based digital gaming assets. Tracking system for NFTs in games. The patent explains techniques for generating, exchanging, tracking, authenticating, and/or transferring unique digital assets associated with a video game, […]

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Can anyone enter the metaverse?

The metaverse is an interesting and quite fashionable subject. There will constantly be discrepancies around it, and many people wonder if it is already possible to enter it, so we will see in what ways the metaverse already exists. What is the Metaverse? The metaverse is a shared, immersive, highly interactive, hyper-realistic virtual place. The […]

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Starbucks launches loyalty program through NFTs

Starbucks made it known in September 2022 that it would be launching an NFT game for its new integration via Web3, this would be launched on Polygon’s blockchain and would be called Starbucks Odyssey. In this situation, Starbucks has confirmed the start of the pilot program where a select set of chosen users are going […]

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Celebrities who already own a land in the Metaverse

The concept of the metaverse has become so widespread that there is a gigantic proportion of people who believe that there is a virtual “place” that serves as an access point. What does exist are a multitude of proposals that fall under the Metaverse initiative, such as virtual games, digital universes to connect to for […]

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Creator of the iPod classic partners to create a new Wallet

Tony Fadell is the author of the iPod Classic and has partnered with Ledger to build Ledger Stax, which is to be the latest wallet device from the firm. A new version of Wallet This new wallet will be the size of a credit card and will incorporate a huge e-ink screen, a capacitive touch […]

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Who are the owners of the metaverse?

In an increasingly digital world, the line between the real and the virtual is becoming blurred. The purpose of Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, and other monumental technological leaders is to produce a virtual network through which individuals can interact and do business online. This is how technological entrepreneurs, with their revolutionary ideas, have become […]

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Opera browser will give the option to mine NFTs

Susie Batt, Opera’s executive, assures that the tool will have no platform usage quotas and will allow free exploration of the NFT area. Quick creation of NFTs Users will be able to access a drag-and-drop media file functionality in the browser, which writes a smart contract and uploads the document to a blockchain, converting the […]

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How can we enter the Metaverse?

Mark Zuckerberg has announced the Metaverse as the greatest thing his company has ever achieved and shows us a diverse future in which we will have the ability to transport our daily lives into immersive universes. Facebook’s Metaverse is in creation, however, there are already immersive experiences outside of Meta’s technology. Glasses and controls for […]

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Car brand Porsche enters the NFT world

In the last 2 years, brands started to embrace a world that combines physical and digital environments. In July 2021, Coca-Cola issued and sold NFTs to benefit Special Olympics International. Now Porsche is entering this world. The luxury sports car maker made its official foray into Web3 known and revealed early plans for its decentralized […]

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Examples of the Metaverse

We are years away from seeing the metaverse in action. At least, that is what Meta (Facebook) says, who is already working on a virtual world where users will be able, among other things, to communicate with their friends or relatives in a way very similar to how they do it in reality. In any […]

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