SEO Copywriting

SEO content creation

We write content in Spanish and English. We do it after studying keywords and the subject matter to be dealt with, seeking to add value to the user and the search engine, which will better recognize and index the content the more optimized the writing is at the SEO level.

During the process, we investigate the content of the competition to try to stand out from it and study those that are better positioned, in order to understand their indexing success and implement improvements on our end.

Content creation for Medium and third-party blogs

We have experience in creating content for Medium , as well as for third-party blogs, adapting the wording and subject matter to the depth and character of each community and platform.

Thanks to our experience, we know what the user is like on each of the platforms. We know your wishes, your fears and your desire to be informed, and we know that the three things vary greatly depending on the environment. For this reason, we think that it is important that the content on Medium or the content on a third-party blog is different from the content on our own blog and that is why we strive to provide a service that takes care of those details that make the difference.

SEO optimization of existing content

Sometimes writing SEO content from scratch is not necessary, but just optimizing the already written content is enough. In these cases, we carry out the necessary preliminary studies and improve the content for Google so that it can rank as it deserves.

A content can be written with great depth, sensitivity and reliability of sources, but if our objective is to reach a target, writing it without notions of SEO will be of little use. Therefore, when a client has already created and trusts the quality of it’s content, or he simply doesn’t want to invest in creating something new, at The Blue Manakin we offer the service of analysis and implementation of SEO improvements. Because we believe that a good story deserves to be told, but also to be heard.