Influencers, public relationships and media


Selecting the right influencers in each country or region of a campaign is key. Therefore, when we receive a briefing for a campaign or action with influencers, we usually follow the following process:
  • Creation of the concept and the mechanics of the action, in case it does not exist.
  • Study of the target, the media and influencers that follow.
  • Selection of a list of profiles according to the region and budget.
  • Contact with the profiles of selected influencers.
  • Collaboration management.
  • Creation of the content to be published, if necessary.
  • Reporting and measuring of the results of collaborations.

Public relationships

In a public relations project, our expertise and service include the following:
  • Development of communication strategies: we establish a strategy in which we define the best channels and messages to reach our target audience.
  • Relations with the media: we look for the most appropriate channels to communicate our message and we manage the agreements with such.
  • Crisis prevention and management: we define prior action strategies, as well as a series of predetermined statements and processes for reacting to unavoidable crisis situations.
  • Customer communication: we create strategies and tactics for building solid and valuable relationships with the brand’s customers.
  • Market research: we cannot lead in a scenario without having studied it first. Understanding the competition and the target and its needs is essential. Therefore, we conduct market research in the necessary depth for each case.