Telegram announces it will make its own Exchange

Telegram founder Pavel Durov has made known his desire to launch decentralized cryptocurrency products. Following the bankruptcy of FTX, centralized developments were highly questioned by cryptocurrency users. A plan that seeks to innovate in this sector is Telegram, which through its official Telegram channel, the CEO announced the construction of innovative decentralized tools for cryptocurrency […]

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Key features of Web3

Web 3.0 talks a lot about blockchain, the internet of things, and AI. This new generation of the Internet will influence websites, applications, and all kinds of devices that manage to connect to the Internet. In this new version of the web, the client becomes more protagonist, allowing greater connectivity between devices and individuals, and […]

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Withdrawals at increase after its CEO admits a transaction problem

Many users decided to withdraw their funds from over the weekend after the company’s CEO mentioned that the cryptocurrency exchange had mishandled a transaction of about $400 million. CEO Kris Marszalek commented on Twitter that the transfer was sent to the wrong type of account on another exchange. Fear runs fast Concern over […]

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Google becomes a Solana validator

Google Cloud, made it known Saturday that it is now running a validator on the Solana blockchain and quickly adding functionality aimed at welcoming Solana developers and node brokers. In a Twitter thread, Google Cloud revealed that, in addition to running a Solana validator “to participate and validate the network,” it is planning to bring […]

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Twitter is developing its own wallet for depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrencies

Twitter is set to dive further into the world of cryptocurrencies with its wallet that will let users make cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals. Cryptocurrency adoption is on the rise as organizations across the globe continue to increase their efforts to make it easier for people to access digital assets. A New Wallet On October 25, […]

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How to make a cryptocurrency?

Initially, generating a cryptocurrency was quite difficult to do. However, currently, there are different platforms and projects that allow us to produce cryptocurrencies quite easily, we can even count on companies in charge of marketing crypto projects that can help us with this. We comment on the steps to know how to produce a cryptocurrency: […]

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GTA 6 may be introducing Crypto into its gameplay

A leak has confirmed that the new GTA 6, which is already in development, may include cryptocurrencies that players will be able to earn and trade this cryptocurrency. In-game trading In GTA 5, players already had an approach to the stock markets by accessing BAWSAQ and LCN Exchange by selling and buying shares on the […]

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Google and Cointelegraph team up to enable crypto payments

As discussed by the company some users will be able to pay for cloud services using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum through Coinbase early this year. Google also plans to explore the use of Coinbase Prime, an escrow service for storing and trading cryptocurrencies. Coinbase for its part announced that it will move some […]

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Latest News: DOJ opposes Celsius’ plans to resume operations.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has filed an objection to Celsius’ motion to reopen withdrawals from some of its customers and sell its stablecoin holdings. What are its reasons? The DOJ claims that the state of Celsius’ finances lacks transparency and that they prefer to wait for the independent examiner’s report before making a decision […]

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Are cryptocurrencies real money?

Although their name may have the word “coin” in it, cryptocurrencies are not considered real money, since they seek to separate themselves from their fiduciary counterpart. Another characteristic of cryptocurrencies is that their value depends on their acceptance and the movements they have in the market. Finally, it is digital money and it is stored […]

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