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NFT deportivas

How is the sports industry taking advantage of NFTs?

One of the most enthusiastic audiences in the world has always been sports in any of its branches, for many years the digital manifestation of sports such as Basketball or Soccer has been very successful in video game consoles, and all kinds of products related digital. Currently blockchain technology has been particularly explored to be exploited by the sports industry with the integration of NFT.

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NFT para campañas de marketing

The integration of NFTs in brand marketing strategies

What for many experts in blockchain technology is one of the most important developments in recent years, for the public around the world it has aroused a growing and growing interest. Currently 2022 marketing trends point to the inclusion of NFTs in campaigns marketing for different brands.

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Estrategia de marketing para el ICO de una criptomoneda en LATAM

What characteristics should an ICO Marketing campaign have?

The importance of launching a ICO Marketing campaign is fundamental, and something that represents one of the most important efforts for the launch of a new cryptocurrency. Especially for the implementation of a crypto marketing strategy in Latam, the ICO is the phase with the greatest need for momentum, since a new cryptocurrency depends on its success. achieve the transcendence that any DeFi project expects.

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estrategia de marketing para el lanzamiento de una ICO

Why is ICO Marketing so important for a cryptocurrency launch?

For the development of a new cryptocurrency, the importance of an ICO is fundamental, since it is the initial financing phase that will define the completion of all the steps from the launch and distribution of a new token, and the eventual success in the mass distribution of a new Cryptocurrency.

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How to boost a brand through NFT marketing

Over the past year, the implementation of target strategies NFT marketing for different brands, was one of the most distinctive digital branding tactics in terms of marketing. The example of brands such as Coca-cola or Taco Bell laid the foundation for making NFT-Marketing one of the most powerful tools in the world.

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penetración de las criptomonedas en chile

Chileans trust cryptocurrencies more and more

The expansion of the crypto economy in Latam is gaining more and more ground, from the adoption of Bitcoin as the official currency of El Salvador, to cases like Argentina, where cryptocurrencies represent the third medium of commerce after the US dollar.

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interacción entre criptomonedas e inflación

How do cryptocurrencies fight inflation?

Especially from the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies in Latam, the correlation that these tokens have with inflation is an important topic about which there is much to know. Is it true that cryptocurrencies fight inflation?

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5 tips to increase the impact of a crypto marketing campaign

In many ways, the blockchain industry is still at an early stage of development. The concepts attached to the crypto sector are complex and little knowledge about them still prevails in most people. The launching a crypto marketing campaign in Latam requires different points in the ones worth paying enough attention to.

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Lanzamiento de una cripromoneda en Brasil

What do you need to know to launch a new cryptocurrency from Brazil?

The expansion of the cryptocurrency market in Latin America, but particularly in Brazil, is an exemplary example of how the democratizing objective of Decentralized Finance has real and stabilizing applications in the world. Reaching scenarios of extreme economic instability such as Venezuela, to offer a decentralized financial alternative available to everyone.

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Principales crptomonedas en Brasil

Brazil leads the cryptocurrency market in Latam

Something that characterizes the growing Latam’s willingness to adopt cryptocurrencies, are its geoeconomic characteristics, as we have discussed previously, the fluctuating inflation and eventual devaluations of different countries in this region make decentralized finances a perfect path to stability economy of countries like Argentina in general terms. In the case of Brazil, there are some important facts to know before launching a new cryptocurrency.

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