SEM and paid media campaigns

Campañas de pago en Google Adwords

Paid campaigns on Google Ads

Thanks to our expertise in content creation and our extensive knowledge of segmentation, we generate a keyword strategy always looking for Google ADS optimization. In the same way, we create texts that do not lose focus on the target and we measure their results, offering constant modifications, variations and optimizations. If a description or a call to action does not work, it is never the user’s responsibility, just as it is never the user’s responsibility if we do not make an impact with their search. With this in mind, we create effective campaigns for Google Ads. The click is possible, and we love to achieve it.

Optimizing Google ads campaigns

What do we talk about when we talk about optimizing Google Ads campaigns? Surely something that goes beyond the scope of this paragraph, and that is hidden behind years of experience and analysis of results. But, to be practical, when we receive an optimization briefing, we do an analysis exercise after which we tend to:

  • Delete keywords that are not converting
  • Clarify the message to better impact the user
  • Optimize text ads
  • Limit the purchase of broad match
  • Increase purchase of exact match
Campañas de pago en Redes Sociales

Paid Campaigns in Social Netwoks

At Blue Manakin we have a Paid Traffic department that constantly supports the content team for sponsored posts or social media campaigns. Our team is in charge of making the media plan in social networks, the production of all format adaptations including the creation of the creative master. We negotiate the purchase of spaces directly from the client’s business manager or from our platform. We do paid campaigns in:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
All campaigns are continuously optimized and we send periodic reports to our clients.