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Meet some of the most important influencers for cryptocurrencies in Latam

Around the world, but especially in emerging markets such as Latin America, Crypto Influencers are an important lever for the growth of the DeFi sector. The function of Influencers for cryptocurrencies has an important role, not only for communicate and drive token growth, but to educate the public.

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El petro es la criptodivisa oficial de venezuela

How has Latin America adopted cryptocurrencies?

A clear example of the use of cryptocurrency in Latin America is Venezuela, which only in 2012 registered an inflation of 686.4%. In this country, many citizens use the sending of remittances from abroad through cryptocurrencies, which guarantees coverage against inflation and the intervention of traditional banking institutions. During May 2012 alone, BInance reported that trades from its platforms had increased by 75% just during that period.

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Adopción de las criptomonedas en distintos países de América Latina

How is the cryptocurrency market progressing in Latin America?

The Blockchain is one of the most disruptive technologies of the last decade and that, at least within the American continent, seems to still have many prejudices to break down . Not only that, but everything related to services or applications generated in the cloud. Latin America is currently one of the markets with the greatest lag in terms of digitization worldwide. About this, the obvious question is. How is the cryptocurrency market progressing in Latin America?

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Características de las finanzas descentalizadas

The importance of DeFi in the evolution of the economy

Mainly in Ethereum, but eventually in other blockchains such as Solana or Binance Smart Chain, DeFiis a concept that is becoming more and more relevant in the evolution of the economy. All financial services managed on public blockchains such as Ethereum are known as DeFi or “Decentralized Finance” Although this is an elementary concept, especially for those with […]

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