Crypto Influencers

List and database of crypto influencers

We have a list of cryptocurrency influencers, a database of crypto influencers ready to promote any blockchain project or any cryptocurrency. Our Influencers can be very useful in creating brand awareness among potential customers.

There are more than 11,000 cryptocurrencies projects today, no project today can succeed without a push by crypto influencers, especially in its initial phase.

We have a list of available influencers that work with us, where depending on what the project needs, we carry out an analysis of what we are looking for with their contribution and end up choosing the best option.

Crypto influencers’ selection

Although our database is updated and we have previous relationship with several cryptocurrency influencers, many times the contact is not successful because these people participate in many projects at the same time and often reject sporadic or not well remunerated collaborations. For this reason we have an influencer selection service that includes:

. Search and analysis of the communication and previous activity.

. Contact and presentation of the new project.

. Fee negotiation.

. Definition of the actions to be carried out .

. Production of the content to give visibility to.

. Follow-up and analysis of the results.