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Animals in the Crypto world

In the crypto community, you can be categorized as a type of animal depending on the amount you have of a cryptocurrency in your wallet. Being the whale for those who have the largest amounts, or on the contrary a small shrimp if you have less than 0.5. But in between, there are more animals. […]

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Software development: What are forks?

In software development projects, a fork is the creation of a project from the source code of the main one to reuse code to speed up the development process. Something similar happens in cryptocurrencies since forks are used to clone the code of a cryptocurrency and create a new cryptocurrency from it or, on the […]

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What does it mean BagHolder?

Those investors who have been doing hodl for a long time are known as Bagholders. Many times bagholders reach this level because they bought the coin when its price was high, thus keeping tokens that are worth little or nothing while hoping that it will go up again. Cryptocurrencies being a very volatile market, it […]

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What is the Bitcoin Programmed Scarcity?

One of the most curious features of Bitcoin is that the highest number of coins it can produce is predetermined since its creation at 21 million Bitcoin. This may be because the creator of Bitcoin (under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto) determined that he wanted to generate a deflationary currency, like gold. If something is naturally […]

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What is the P2P system?

A peer-to-peer network is a different way of networking because it does not use a server station, but rather each “server” computer is the people who contribute to this system. A peer-to-peer network, peer-to-peer network, peer-to-peer network or peer-to-peer (P2P) network is a network of computers in which all or some aspects operate without fixed […]

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What are the Altcoins?

Altcoin is a term used in the crypto community to refer to all currencies other than Bitcoin. These are made using forks of the open source Bitcoin. Each altcoin has its blockchain and its P2P network and uses its mining algorithm such as the classic Prof of Work or the recently applied Prof to Stake. […]

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blockchain for babies

Blockchain for babies

Chris Ferrie, a faculty member at the University of Sydney’s 2019 Quantum Software Centre, has written a book to explain from an early age to an infant how blockchain works. Titled Blockchain for Babies, the curious idea became a reality. The book has 12 pages and can be found in hardcover and paperback format. The […]

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snoopdog NFT influencer

7 Top NFT influencers

Currently, the NFT market tends to attract more famous personalities than cryptocurrencies, this is possible because NFTs tend to be more colorful and fun collections than cryptocurrency projects that we see as something more serious. This is why in this new post we are going to review those whom we can consider as the people […]

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Valuación NFT

Valuation of NFT’s

As we taste, in the crypto world there are two types of tokens: fungible and non-fungible. Fungibles are those that function as money, a peso is always a peso invariably from the conditions of the coin. A peso coin can be replaced by any other peso coin. On the other hand, non-fungible tokens are unique […]

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Where to find NFT influencers to hire?

Every NFT collection needs a diffusion by all possible means, so we must find the ideal people for this. This diffusion can be carried out by people or pages specialized in the NFT world, which know and more importantly the communities that can make our collection a success. The disadvantages come in that sometimes it […]

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