marketing nft

Are NFTs the same as bitcoin?

At the outset, the main difference we can highlight is that cryptocurrencies are fungible and NFTs are not fungible, which means that NFTs cannot be replaced by others. NFTs are unique digital assets backed and verified on the blockchain, while cryptocurrencies are decentralized digital currencies with transactions recorded on the blockchain. The most common and […]

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Where to find NFT influencers to hire?

Every NFT collection needs a diffusion by all possible means, so we must find the ideal people for this. This diffusion can be carried out by people or pages specialized in the NFT world, which know and more importantly the communities that can make our collection a success. The disadvantages come in that sometimes it […]

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snapchat NFT

Snapchat to use NFTs as filters for its users

Despite the downturn in cryptocurrencies and NFTs in recent months, tech companies are still betting on investing in this promising world of nonfungible tokens (NFTs). Snapchat in its latest updates for its app has been testing new ways to include digital collectibles within its software, for artists. The photo platform has been exploring its augmented […]

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How to Promote NFT?

Doing an NFT is not just about coming up with a good idea that no one has seen and that’s it, but there is a whole process for our project to reach many more people, we have to give it that push. As we have mentioned in other posts in this blog, it is best […]

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crypto marketing agency

Crypto Marketing Agency: How to choose the best one?

Moving through social networks to promote our projects can be complicated if we do not know how to do it and much more complicated in a new world such as crypto, which is gaining more and more popular so it is important to start positioning ourselves. That is why it never hurts to allocate a […]

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BORED & HUNGRY NFT restaurant opens in South Korea

The already quite popular NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) themed restaurant “Bored & Hungry” has announced that it will open its second location internationally in Seoul, South Korea in the fall of 2022. The first location of the famous monkeys is in Long Beach, California, so this new restaurant will be the first international […]

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crypto marketing

Crypto Marketing. What is?

A cryptocurrency marketing strategy is something important for companies that are entering or looking to enter this crypto world to grow and prosper. This must be planned consistently, this is crucial for any type of token, ICO, NFT, or cryptocurrency can be effective, because without one are few projects that manage to reach the soft […]

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Never fear the truth

Johnny Depp makes a donation of NFT profits to a children’s hospital

The original collection gathers 11,100 Johnny Depp “Never Fear Truth” NFTs which have been handmade by the famed artist himself. The fact that has attracted many people to this collection apart from the fact that they are made by the pirate jack sparrow himself is the holder of these tokens, that can have both the […]

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NFT cocacola

Coca Cola to launch a Pride collection of NFTs in polygon

The world’s most popular beverage company has entered the world of NFTs by launching an “NFT Pride Collection” whose proceeds will benefit LGBTQIA+ charities. This is a collection of 136 video files featuring Coca-Cola bottles with the inscription “Love,” which will be found on the Polygon network characterized by its low rates. “The limited-edition pieces […]

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Whitepaper NFT

How to write a White Paper for Cryptocurrencies

Every crypto project that you want to rely on must have a white paper which is a document that includes all the detailed information about what you want to achieve with your project, its architecture, and the interaction with the users. A whitepaper should contain these points: Introduction: Write an introduction that hooks people to […]

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