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Why whitelisting is so important in launching a new NFT collection

The launch of an NFT collection is much more complex than simply mass producing digital art pieces, even though the graphic and conceptual quality of a collection is extremely important a launch and promotion of an NFT collection has countless development phases and tactical growth tools.

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How will the NFTs market grow by 2022?

It is no longer a novelty to think about the importance that NFTs have gained in the world market during the last few years. Since their opening in the NFT art market, the development and new trends of non-fungible tokens have tended to diversify in ways that initially might have been hard to imagine.

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NFTs are making marketing evolve

The trend of NFT marketing over the last few years is, although recent, a new avenue of development that is showing many benefits for its development in brands or with Influencers. The impact of NFTs in marketing is such that everything indicates that it is the beginning of a permanent pairing.

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marketing nft for companies

Three applications of NFT Marketing for a brand or a company

The NFT marketing. in brand strategies is a field that still remains to be explored, especially due to the little knowledge that prevails about the possibilities that these digital tokens can still offer.

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elementos importantes para valuar un nft

How is an NFT assessed?

The creation and launch of an NFT collection requires knowledge of the elements that make a non-fungible token valuable. Beyond being a digital art collection, there are different factors that are important to know in order to determine the value of an NFT.

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How sell an collection nft

How to sell an NFT?

The rapid expansion of NFTs to all corners of the world has as a collateral effect that a large percentage of users who have contact with this concept for the first time do not what an NFT is and how to appreciate it. Not only that, for the launch of a new NFT collectionit is essential to know how to communicate its qualities. The question for many creators and projects is obvious: how to sell an NFT?

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BITGERT, the blockchain that exceeds the speed of everything known.

While until the end of 2021, Solana had gained great popularity for being the fastest blockchain in the industry, throughout 2022 Bitgert has shown to date to be the fastest blockchain ever seen. Until recently, Sol has been one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies due to its scalability, which during 2021 caused many developers and projects to migrate to Solana because of the advantages its scalability offered.

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How should a brand use NTFs in its marketing strategy?

2022 is the year of NFTs. What for the last few years has been a growing trend in some parts of the world, today is the beginning of a new reality for thousands of brands, not just luxury brands. Little by little, the NFT marketing is a must for all class of brands in the world.

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Decentralized Marketing

What is decentralized marketing?

Web 3.0 is much more than a change of acronyms. While the digitization of a few years ago triggered the web 2.0 to make traditional media such as TV, radio or magazines irrelevant, and the old schemes of marketing and advertising will quickly be put out of action . Web 3.0 is essentially a break with the information monopoly that digital platforms have held for several years. Decentralized marketing is just one of the manifestations of the coming revolution.

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