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Colecciones y promoción NFT

NFT: Non-Fungible Tokens

NFTs or Non Fungible Token are inimitable assets. In the digital world, the sale of these assets is compared to the sale of a property or any other type of asset, with the difference that these are intangible.

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Cryptocurrency Glossary

Cryptocurrencies are a world that works in a totally different way, this is why it has its own language. In the text below you will find words that will help you understand and communicate in this world in a professional way. Altcoin:Any currency that is not a Bitcoin. ADDY: Refers to the public address of a […]

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Telegram criptomonedas

Telegram to promote your cryptocurrency

Although many not know it, Telegram is a powerful and essential tool for the promotion of cryptocurrencies. Many crypto, token and NFT projects use this tool. To promote your cryptocurrency on Telegram you have groups and channels at your disposal. The former for organising work teams and the latter for communicating with followers and future investors in […]

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An advertising agency for cryptocurrencies !?

After almost 20 years working in the world of digital communication, the time has come to put ourselves at the service of cryptocurrencies.

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