Lanzamiento de una criptomoneda


What is Storydoing?

Storydoing is the advertising technique that tells a brand’s values, mission, vision, and spirit and that, unlike storytelling, seeks something beyond telling a story. What we want to achieve with story doing is that users get involved and have an experience with the brand or project. Therefore, the customer and user become the main character […]

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What is an ICO (Initial Coin Offering)?

An ICO is the initial offering of a coin and has to do with the financing of a project that aims at the birth of a new cryptocurrency. An Initial Coin Offering is a fairly popular funding process in the crypto world whereby the developers of a project offer an early token sale to the […]

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What can we learn from Luna’s Token collapse for our cryptocurrency launch?

As is well known, the cryptocurrency market is a fluctuating and in many ways unpredictable environment. Following the collapse of, Luna Tokenthere is much speculation that this could be the beginning of the end for the cryptocurrency market.However, taking for granted that risk is a constant element in cryptocurrency investment, and that despite skepticism, its evolution has always been constant, it is obvious to ensure that this is just a phase, and that for the decentralized finance, market, events such as the Luna collapse are ideal to push the evolution of this financial resource.

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The importance of crypto influencers in the launch of a new cryptocurrency

For several years now, the role that influencers have played in everyday life is becoming more and more relevant. Starting with the conventional social platforms, but especially video platforms like YouTube, the participation of influencers often has a definitive role in the launch of a new product, but particularly the action of influencers is fundamental in linking a new cryptocurrency.

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Education is very important in launching a new cryptocurrency.

Currently about 100 million people around the world use cryptocurrencies in their daily lives, the main reason that has led to its growth to be constant and solid, is the knowledge by its users that cryptocurrencies are an effective and safe way to save and spend.

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How to launch a new Bear-proof cryptocurrency

In the financial market, but particularly related to decentralized finance, the term BEAR is widely known and understood as an investor who interacts with a cryptocurrency betting on its depreciation. These are pessimistic investors who benefit from falling prices and are actually anti-currency investors.

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Do I need a cryptocurrency marketing agency to launch my Crypto?

Perhaps this is a question that might seem idle, however, it is always necessary to ask ourselves such basic questions as Do I need a crypto marketing agency to launch my cryptocurrency or What characteristics should a crypto marketing agency meet in 2022?

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Building a solid network is the key to the success of a crypto project.

En un sector de cuya competencia es además de feroz, sumamente acelerada, el nacimiento y éxito o fracaso de un proyecto cripto suele suceder de manera tan repentina, qué pocas veces la experiencia puede ser registrada ampliamente. La consecuencia es que una gran mayoría de los nuevos cryptocurrency and NFT projects that are launched daily, base their strategies on the almost excessive replication of other successful projects.

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Putting yourself in investor’s shoes, key to launching a cryptocurrency

The development of blockchain technology and the ever-widening expansion of DeFi alternatives and projectshas created in a very short time an infinite ecosystem in which the cryptocurrency business has great possibilities of success, but many others tend to have a rather slow evolution.

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estrategia de marketing para el lanzamiento de una ICO

Why is ICO Marketing so important for a cryptocurrency launch?

For the development of a new cryptocurrency, the importance of an ICO is fundamental, since it is the initial financing phase that will define the completion of all the steps from the launch and distribution of a new token, and the eventual success in the mass distribution of a new Cryptocurrency.

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