Crypto Marketing: Algorithms in major Social Networks

Social networks have changed a lot over time, but the most important thing has been that they went from being a simple space where you share moments, thoughts, ideas, and photos with your friends, to a space where companies, entrepreneurs, brands, and where we saw the birth of personalities influencers, use every day as a trading channel, and that with cryptocurrencies appearing we have a new way to share our new projects.

Much of this change is due to the way the social network behaves and what we see in them, all this is thanks to its algorithm, which used to be a simple algorithm but today are search engines for digital marketing and these are the ones that give us what content we will see more and what less, based on what we give “likes” to and with the publications with which we interact.

For a cryptocurrency marketer, tasting what each user likes is a difficult task to find the best strategies to attract the audience, so it is important to know some of the main characteristics of the algorithms of the social networks that are most used to understand how to best optimize this information to the advantage of the company in each social network.

– Facebook algorithm:

Facebook posts are not seen by all members of a community or the page they follow. Facebook’s algorithm manages an initial reach that seeks to measure the engagement that this generates with which it calculates the exposure to the number of users and as long as there is interaction, Facebook will understand that it is interesting content and will show it more.

– Twitter algorithm:

In the Twitter algorithm the content is prioritized which is the content with which the user is more involved and the one that shows in the timeline of “while you were not, in the same way, Twitter takes into account how active the account is and seeks that the publications that are shown serve to create an engagement.

– Instagram algorithm:

Instagram posts are measured according to likes and comments to measure engagement, the time the post was made, and how many times the post was shared. The algorithm also takes into account what a user usually views and interacts with regularly


Algorithms are something that you have to take importance, since knowing how they work is that you can encourage publications, especially if these are for cryptocurrencies that normally people see a little less but knowing the algorithm we have a way to be able to use them in our favor.

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