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Telegram announces it will make its own Exchange

Telegram founder Pavel Durov has made known his desire to launch decentralized cryptocurrency products. Following the bankruptcy of FTX, centralized developments were highly questioned by cryptocurrency users. A plan that seeks to innovate in this sector is Telegram, which through its official Telegram channel, the CEO announced the construction of innovative decentralized tools for cryptocurrency […]

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Is Web3 the future?

The future of the internet seeks more transparency and decentralization, which is why it will be defined by technologies such as Web3, the third version of the World Wide Web. What is Web3? The most critical aspect of Web3 is that it stores all the data on a blockchain, which is a decentralized database. No […]

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The Russo brothers are working with Amazon on a series about FTX

After the great scandal of the last few days with the issue of FTX, everyone agreed on something: it was a tape story. Although Amazon has already put the batteries, other platforms such as Apple have already shown their interest in bringing Michael Lewis’s work on the company to the screens. Previously, Disney + brought […]

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Big tech companies that are already using Web3

Web3 is rapidly becoming what it is today and there are already large technology organizations that are starting to invest in it by rapidly becoming Web3 organizations. Many major companies and venture capital firms continue to invest heavily in Web3 to avoid being left behind. Here are 5 Big Tech Companies Using Web3 1. […]

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Top 10 cryptocurrencies of Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is a term used to describe the next generation of the Internet that goes hand in hand with emerging technologies such as blockchain, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. You can get into this Web 3.0 by investing in a selection of top-notch projects that we will discuss shortly. What are […]

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Sony buys 3D animation studio for a sports metaverse

Sony, one of the largest companies in the entertainment and electronics world, recently completed the purchase of Beyond Sports, an organization that specializes in using data from around the real world to generate 3D animations. Beyond Sports could bring Sony into the sports metaverse The news came a few days ago after it was announced […]

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Key features of Web3

Web 3.0 talks a lot about blockchain, the internet of things, and AI. This new generation of the Internet will influence websites, applications, and all kinds of devices that manage to connect to the Internet. In this new version of the web, the client becomes more protagonist, allowing greater connectivity between devices and individuals, and […]

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Meta cuts headcount after poor projection for the future.

Meta announced Wednesday that it will let go 11,000 employees, 13% of its workforce, in the first huge round of mass layoffs in the company’s 18-year history. Mark Zuckerberg was hit pretty hard by the downturn in ad revenue from his multibillion-dollar, and for now ruinous, Metaverse bet. “I want to accept responsibility for this […]

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Mattel will launch a new Marketplace for its Hot Wheels NFT collection

The Hot Wheels NFT collection is currently on the WAX blockchain and will move to Flow with the launch of the marketplace. Mattel has announced the launch of a dedicated NFT platform, which is going by the name “Mattel Creations” and will debut with the launch of the fourth version of the Hot Wheels-based non-fungible […]

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Is web3 a cryptocurrency?

The concept of Web3 is one that we have already heard a lot these days and that is gaining more and more strength in the world. Although Web3 is not a cryptocurrency, it is something that will be able to boost them. An example of a good integration between Web3 and a cryptocurrency is The […]

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