Problems of cryptocurrency marketing

Cryptocurrencies have been in the world of digital marketing for a few years now, but despite the existence of experienced marketers in this world, companies still do not see the importance of having a department specialized in this area as part of their work team or do not designate enough budget and believe that anyone can do it, so those who end up making these decisions despite not being the right ones are the executive directors or the owners of the company themselves who have no experience in cryptocurrency marketing.

Let us now mention some of the problems that exist with cryptocurrency marketing:

  • Lack of objectives.

Companies usually do not have a well-placed objective when creating a campaign and have as their only goal to get likes or have some kind of appearance in the networks, which generates a result that is usually not useful or that the results are not as expected.

  •  Lack of understanding of consumers

It is important to dedicate time and effort to knowing in depth our target audience, but this is usually forgotten because we try to reach many people rather than reaching the right audience or the one that is most likely to be interested in our project and buy it.

  • Ignorance on the part of company decision-makers

Company managers are often guided only by the desire to sell more and there is a lack of information on how marketing and sales are assigned and how good marketing generates a better business. This is something that happens especially with companies that have been in the market for a long time or family businesses that are used to what they have and make them not look for a panorama beyond what they see.

  •  Inadaptation to the crypto world

Despite having good companies with excellent services and products, we still need to leap decentralization, sometimes by having those good services they think it can be applied to crypto as well but sometimes things that work with one thing with another do not so much. We are still marketing traditionally and flatly.


Cryptocurrency marketing goes beyond making advertising campaigns, but it helps to see the whole picture of the market that a company wants to enter, with clear objectives and seek a focus to not only sell one more project but to be that reliable option in the market. In The Blue Manakin, we help you to create a real campaign for crypto projects, contact us.

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