How to find new Crypto Projects | Blue Manakin

We know that there are currently thousands of cryptocurrencies and that more and more are appearing.

Normally new coins can be found in their first phase in the form of ICOs, which is the process in which the creators can somehow raise funds to develop the rest of the project. This is basically when the first investors come to the project.

NFTs can also be found when they are still in pre-sale or on a whitelist.

The advantage of being able to find these projects during these stages is that we can find them at much cheaper prices than they will be in the final sale.

So we will share some ways to be able to find these projects before their public sale:

  • Content creators:

It is important to follow the creators of the topics that we like or that we are usually aware of, that is why if we want to find projects that are just about to come out, we have to follow the people who are dedicated to talking about it.

Usually, new projects hire people to do promotions for them which still adds confidence to the project.

  • Calendars:

We can find on the web different pages that are dedicated to calendarizing the releases of new coins and NFT collections. In them, apart from seeing the release date, we can also find information about the project.

  • Spooling platforms:

Several platforms are dedicated to finding new collections and ICOS and creating lists, as for the NFT others can even give a rarity to your NFT depending on their characteristics.

  • Telegram groups and Discord servers:

On these platforms, we can be part of communities that are always on the lookout for these new exits and opportunities so by being part of them we can equally find these opportunities before they come out or when they are in their early stages.

  • Crypto marketing agencies:

Serious projects usually have a team or agency that is dedicated to their marketing, so following the agency is an opportunity to learn about new projects that are about to come out.

In The Blue Manakin, we always have projects which always have a mission or art that we like, so if you always want to find projects that are coming out and are of quality follow us, so you do not miss them.

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