Cristiano Ronaldo launches first NFT collection with Binance

Cristiano Ronaldo’s first NFT collection is now available as of November 18 as part of a unique multi-year engagement with Binance, the Blockchain ecosystem and chief cryptocurrency infrastructure distributor worldwide.

A collection that seeks to integrate

The launch is aided by a worldwide marketing campaign played by Ronaldo, which aims to get his admirers into Web3 using the entire NFT world.

Binance commented as follows:

“It’s an honor to work with Cristiano to help more people understand blockchains and teach how we are creating the Web3 infrastructure for the sports and entertainment arena.”

Ronaldo said, “For me, it was fundamental to generate something unforgettable and exclusive for my fans because they are a pretty fundamental section of my triumph. With Binance, I have been able to do something that not only captures the passion of the game but rewards the fans for every year they have supported me.”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s inaugural NFT collection launched on November 18

It comes with seven animated statues with four rarity levels:

  • Supersuperraro (SSR)
  • Superraro (SR)
  • Raro ®
  • Normal (N)

Each NFT statue depicts Ronaldo at an iconic moment in his life, from his spectacular bicycle kicks to his childhood in Portugal.

The 45 highest value CR7 NFTs (5 SSRs and 40 SRs) were auctioned on Binance’s NFT marketplace and bid prices started at 10,000 BUSD for the SSRs and 1,700 BUSD for the SRs.

The remaining 6,600 NFTs (600 R and 6000 N) are offered on Binance Launchpad starting at 77 BUSD for the normal rarity level.

What benefits will come with the NFTs?

Each rarity level will have exclusive perks, such as:

  • This is a personal message from Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • Signed merchandising from CR7 and Binance.
  • Guaranteed access to all future CR7 NFT releases.
  • Complimentary CR7 mystery boxes.
  • Participation in drawings for signed merchandising and prizes.

In addition, new users who register on and complete account verification or KYC will receive a Cristiano Ronaldo mystery box which can integrate a scaled-down Ronaldo NFT.

Future Cristiano Ronaldo NFT collection sets will be accessible in early 2023.

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