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What are NFT Play to Earn games?

One of the blockchain trends that we cannot miss this year are the NFT P2E Games. A simple but effective concept that concentrates several qualities and from which significant growth is expected during 2022.

It is easy to understand why blockchain-based NFT games are a rapidly growing trend. Being digital assets built on a chain of blocks, the ownership of NFTs is more secure than any possession in the real world: intermediaries, transaction costs, risk of data theft and all kinds of threats are eliminated than in any other field they would be usual.

In games, the use of blockchain technology makes this concept extremely attractive, both for users and for grow an NFT Project.

How does an NFT game work?

The crypto ecosystem evolves so fast, that being up to date with NFT concepts is very useful, A property that distinguishes non-fungible tokens is their ability to be unique assets that are easily tradable, therefore, when introducing them in the field of games. , generate huge monetization opportunities for players. This represents a complete revolution in the market.

Although gaming platforms have been around for many decades to date, monetization is a factor that exclusively benefits developers. The integration of NFTs to P2E games solves this paradigm, and opens the doors for users to win NFT by this means, but simultaneously, for developers and owners a Position your NFT Project.

In its structure, these games are developed on a blockchain network and their assets are NFT’s. The experience is pretty conventional in terms of gameplay. Players complete levels, win battles, earn achievements and receive NFTs or can purchase them in-game. The NFTs obtained are traded on secondary markets and settled. This cycle is only possible thanks to the NFTs, and is known as “Play to earn”.

Advantages of NFT P2E Games

NFT games are indisputably a disruptive way to further boost the value that NFTs have had in recent years. Just as the reason for its increasing value lies in transparency. An elementary principle of Blockchain technology that establishes trust between players. Not only that, the effectiveness of the blockchain also guarantees that players have full access to the operations, acquisitions, and parameters of a game, and can even self-regulate.

Not only security and transparency, a value that NFTs bring to P2E games, is property. Which is the most precious quality in any of these games. The blockchain guarantees that each operation carried out with an NFT is registered within the blockchain, which makes it extremely difficult to crack, falsify, or steal it. P2E participants can carry out all kinds of operations in complete safety.

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