How do we define the target audience for our crypto marketing campaigns?

It’s that simple: if an NFT marketing or cryptocurrency marketing campaign does not have a preliminary study of its target audience, at the time it is launched it will not be directed at anyone in particular, and its possibilities of success practically depend on luck, and most likely they are nil.

There are different analysis methods that Blue Manakin has integrated to know the target audience of our clients. Regardless of whether they are cryptocurrency projects with launches of NFT collections, each one is characterized by having a very particular Target.

 How to define the user persona of our crypto marketing strategy?

In order to faithfully analyze and get to know the community that we need to approach, it is necessary to collect the basic information of our audience. Starting with age, geographic location, language, interests, and purchase intent. This data is the cornerstone that allows us to develop the entire profile of our users in a broader way.

Knowing the characteristics of the community of cryptographic projects similar to ours, as well as the marketing and content strategies that they have previously used , is a tool that gives us a lot of clarity.

It is not about replicating what others are doing, but about creating a context that allows us to project alternatives and segments that perhaps in many cases we did not imagine.

In addition to knowing the general demographic segments of our user persona, analyzing the social networks where these user characteristics have a higher level of interaction will help us to better understand the nature of their behavior and the platforms social favorites of each niche.

Knowing our own development is fundamental, and in many cases it is a phase of introspection and self-analysis, which allows us to know if our proposal really offers value for the segment for which it is designed. Even in the case of finding areas of opportunity, take a breath and make the appropriate adjustments in our own project.

Once we know our target audience more closely, our crypto marketing strategy needs to know who our target market is, and thus the positioning strategies for NFT Marketing or Cryptocurrency Marketing, they will be drawn almost by themselves.

Before an official release, experimenting and testing is always highly recommended. This, in a controlled environment that does not compromise the privacy of our project, will always be a point of reference to know what kind of advertising campaigns and results we can expect when we launch our cryptographic project.

At Blue Manakin we are experts in the design and positioning strategy for Cryptocurrency and NFT Projects, you just need to contact us and tell us a little more about yourself.

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