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Criptomonedas para guatemala

Cryptocurrencies in Guatemala

Currently Guatemala does not have a governmental initiative or norm that regulates the use of cryptocurrencies as currency, or recognizes them with financial effects. However, their use in the country is not prohibited.

When the Guatemalan government mentions that cryptocurrencies are not legal in the country, it refers to the fact that they are financial assets that are not currently recognized as equivalent to other currencies. Only the Quetzal is recognized as the current currency of the country.

Launching of a cryptocurrency in Guatemala

However, despite not being officially recognized as in El Salvador, cryptocurrencies in Guatemala are widely accepted within the country.

Just as for the launch of a new cryptocurrency in Latam, a specialized cryptocurrency project in Guatemalahas an important growth projection in the medium term, as the growth of the crypto economy in Latam is a strong trend that will grow throughout the continent over the next few years. crypto economy in Latam is a strong trend that will grow across the continent in the coming years.

estrategia de lanzamiento para una criptomoneda
estrategia de markeging para el lanzamiento de una criptomoneda

Marketing for cryptocurrencies in Guatemala

For the launch of a new cryptocurrency in Guatemala, it is necessary to develop an effective marketing and communication strategy that starts from the ICO, as an ICO Marketing campaign will increase the chances of success for the development and adoption of a new TOKEN.

At Blue Manakin, we specialize in market analysis, development and implementation of effective communication tools for the launch of a new Cryptocurrency in Latam..

We have tools and extensive knowledge of the DeFi sector that will allow us to efficiently integrate development campaigns for different platforms to ensure the solid growth of a new cryptocurrency.