Cryptocurrency Agency for Chile

uso y operación de operacines con criptomonedas en Chile

Cryptocurrencies in Chile

The penetration of cryptocurrencies in Chile follows an important projection to the future. Experts estimate that according to the infrastructure and the population’s knowledge regarding the benefits of DeFi, Cryptocurrencies in Chile will gain ground until they become the main means of trade and financial operations in Latam.


The great advantage of blockchain technology is that the growth of cryptocurrencies in Chile still shows significant growth potential for Chilean citizens who are willing to invest in Digital Tokens, but especially for the “launch of a new cryptocurrency in Chile”.

Launch of a cryptocurrency in Chile

For the launch of a new cryptocurrency in Chile, it is essential to know the country’s DeFi market, as well as government regulations, and especially , the development opportunities that blockchain technology can find in different economic sectors in Chile..


As in the rest of Latin America, Chile’s investment in cryptocurrencies means an important financial protection against possible devaluations or inflationary shocks.

Lanzamiento de una ICO para criptomonedas en Chile
Diseño de una estrategia de marketing para criptomonedas en Chile

Marketing for cryptocurrencies in Chile

Despite being a still incipient activity in Latam, the adoption of cryptocurrencies is growing rapidly throughout the region. For the launch of a new cryptocurrency in Chile, it is essential to have a strategic development and tactical planning in terms of marketing and advertising specialized in Cryptocurrencies. .

At Blue Manakin we are a team specialized in the cryptocurrency market in Latam, made up of several communication and digital strategy professionals focused on Decentralized Finance.

Our skills range from the design of a new DeFi project, Crypto market analysis in Latam, to the implementation of communication strategies and digital positioning for the launch of a new cryptocurrency in Chile.