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Uso de las criptomonedas en Panamá

Cryptocurrencies in Panama

After the adoption of Bitcoin as the official currency of El Salvador, the opening of Panama to the use of cryptocurrencies goes beyond its simple operation as a financial resource to enrich the country’s economy.

In addition to this,  the Panamanian government projects that its opening to cryptocurrencies will lead to the creation of new Blockchain projects native to the country.

Launch of a cryptocurrency in Panama

The objective of the Panamanian government is, in addition to consolidating the infrastructure to operate cryptocurrencies, and recognizing cryptocurrencies as a widely accepted payment method , a platform that allows the growth and management of new DeFi projects, which encourage direct investment in the country of by foreign funds, also increasing the number of jobs and professionalization of the citizens of Panama.

The launch of a new cryptocurrency in Panama has unprecedented government support only comparable to El Salvador, but which not only embraces bitcoin as a crypto asset, but also the proliferation of new financial tools based on the Blockchain.

Estrategia de lanzamiento de una criptomoneda en Panamá
Agencia de Crypto Marketing

Marketing for cryptocurrencies in Panama

At Blue Manakin, we are experts in the managementof new projects for cryptocurrencies,from their initial phase, to the launch and the crypto marketing development that makes Panama a perfect country for launching a new cryptocurrency.

Our skills and experience allow us to collaborate on cryptocurrency projects around Latam, from project design, Marketing strategies for ICOs, to the final phases of its development and operational consolidation.