Cryptocurrency Agency for the Dominican Republic

expansión de las criptomonedas en rapublica dominicana

Cryptocurrencies in the Dominican Republic

Among the Latin American countries with the largest infrastructure for the use of decentralized bonds,  the Dominican Republic is a country with a buoyant cryptocurrency market, with one of the world’s largest network of ATMs for bitcoin, as well as different exchange services for cryptocurrencies  and with a trade volume exceeding 6 million dollars.

Although the central bank of the Dominican Republic does not recognize digital assets as a currency of national circulation, there are no regulations or legislation that limits or prevents the use of cryptocurrencies in the Dominican Republic.

Launch of a cryptocurrency in Dominican Republic

The use of cryptocurrencies in the Dominican Republic is widely spread in all regions of the South American island. Currently South American citizens use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins widely used in the Dominican Republic.

Particularly on this Island, the launch of a new cryptocurrency in the Dominican Republic requires a communication and marketing strategy that provides security and credibility to the new token.

Recently the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic reported that a wave of counterfeit cryptocurrencies were beginning to be spread in the country and warned about the risks of acquiring them.
lanzamiento de una criptomoneda en República Dominicana
Estrategia de Marketing para criptomonedas

Marketing for cryptocurrencies in the Dominican Republic

The expansion of a cryptocurrency project or the launch of an ICO in the Dominican Republic requires the incorporation of a specialized work team, which collaborates from the management of the crypto whitepaper and the structuring of a smart contract, to the cryptocurrency marketing that guarantees the dissemination of the project but above all, its consolidation in the credibility of investors in the Dominican Republic.

At Blue Manakin we are an agency specialized in the launch of cryptocurrencies in Latin America , with experience in different blockchain projects.

Our promotion services for cryptocurrencies in the Dominican Republic guarantee a wide scope of any Digital Token project.