Cryptocurrency Agency for Nicaragua

uso de criptomonedas en nicaragua

Cryptocurrencies in Nicaragua

Although cryptocurrencies in Nicaragua are in the process of being regulated by the central financial and tax bodies of the country, their acceptance is still incipient at a general level within the Nicaraguan population. There is a project in the government for the regulation of the use of cryptocurrencies in Nicaragua that has the objective of avoiding fraud or crimes related to money laundering.

  However Nicaragua is currently characterized by having several exchanges operating in Nicaraguan territory, where it is currently possible to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with the local currency of the country, and with the ease of being commission-free.

Launch of a cryptocurrency in Nicaragua

The Launch of a new cryptocurrency in Nicaraguais currently a project with a great opportunity for development in this Latin American country, since the cryptocurrency market in Nicaragua is a sector with little development, the expansion of a new DeFi project at this time projects few forecasts of competition unlike countries like Mexico, Brazil or even Venezuela.

At Blue Manakin, we are a group of communication and digital marketing professionals, specialized in blockchain technology that will guarantee that the launch of a new cryptocurrency in Nicaragua has the right tools and platforms to achieve success in its distribution.
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Marketing for cryptocurrencies in Nicaragua

We have experience in all kinds of blockchain projects with various projects underway in different Latin American countries. From the writing of the whitepaper, creation of smart contracts, to the operation of social networks for cryptocurrencies or promotion with cryptocurrency influencers.