Cryptocurrency Agency for Brazil

Uso de las criptomonedas en Brasil

Cryptocurrencies in Brazil

Brazil is currently the country in Latin America with the highest level of use for cryptocurrencies, starting with the massive adoption of bitcoin. Today the acceptance of cryptocurrencies for any financial operation in Brazil is even greater than the use of the dollar.

Approximately 70% of the transactions carried out in Brazil are made with cryptocurrencies. The normalization of cryptocurrencies in Brazil is so important that currently the Central Bank of Brazil launched its own exchange called Pix, which in a few months after its launch reached more than 104 million users.

Launch of a cryptocurrency in Brazil

The infrastructure that the Brazilian government has created for cryptocurrency operations represents a great development and expansion opportunity for the launch of a cryptocurrency in Brazil..

The cryptocurrency market in Brazi represents the largest diffusion platform for DeFi projects in Latin America. Due to the economic power that Brazil represents at the regional level, the integration of decentralized financial tools is a normal step in the growth of the region.

Oportunidades para el lanzamien de una criptomoneda en brasil
marketing para el lanzamiento de una criptomoneda en brasil

Marketing for cryptocurrencies in Brazil

Taking advantage of the high level of knowledge in the use of cryptocurrencies that Brazilian citizens and organizations have, is extremely important for any new cryptocurrency launch in Latin America.


At Blue Manakin, we have extensive experience in the strategic management of crypto projects in Latin America. Our group of communication and marketing experts specialized in Blockchain is fully aware of the challenges and areas of opportunity that the launch of a new Cryptocurrency in Brazil faces.


We are a team of professionals who collaborate from different parts of the world in the creation of strategic Marketing plans for the launch of Blockchain projects in Latin America. For the launch of a new cryptocurrency in Brazil, we have services that range from the creation of the roadmap, to the management of social platforms for cryptocurrencies and exposure with crypto influencers from around the world.