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Colombia es uno de los países con mayor uso de criptomonedas en el mundo

Cryptocurrencies in the Ecuador

The launch of a new cryptocurrency in Ecuador poses different operational, logistical and strategic challenges, however, the position of the Central Bank of Ecuador regarding the adoption of cryptocurrencies has continued to be very open for years compared to other countries in the world.

Ecuador is one of the Latin American countries with the highest penetration in the use of cryptocurrencies, in this country it is normal to find commercial exchanges between individuals and companies carried out with cryptocurrencies, such as the sale of cars, land, and household items.

Launch of a cryptocurrency in Ecuador

Although aside from its adoption as official currency, the Ecuadorian government sees cryptocurrencies as a growing trend with great potential for the country. the government of Ecuador sees cryptocurrencies as a growing trend with great potential for the country.

The opening of Ecuador to the use of cryptocurrencies allows us to foresee that the aunch of a cryptocurrency in Ecuador is a project with great prospects of success in the medium term.

Estrategia de lanzamiento para una criptomoneda
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Marketing for cryptocurrencies in Ecuador

As a starting platform, a  cryptocurrency native to Ecuador has the ability to be the ideal means of commerce for financial operations between other Latam countries.

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