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regulacion de las criptomonedas en cuba

Cryptocurrencies in Cuba

In August 2021, the Cuban government announced its intention to regulate the operation with cryptocurrencies in Cuba, an unprecedented opportunity for Cuban citizens to strengthen their economy and find new avenues of financial operation neglected by the Cuban Fiat currency..

The consequences of the economic sanctions imposed by the United States, particularly during the term of Donald Trump, complicate the sending and receiving of money to the island. This reason allows that, given its digital and decentralized nature, cryptocurrencies in Cuba are a highly viable alternative to generate wealth and economic stability.

Launch of a cryptocurrency in Cuba

La opening of the Cuban government to Cryptocurrencies and the evolution of the internet on the island means for Cuban citizens a whole new economy, with significant possibilities of financial stability, outside the interventionist control of countries like the United States.

Along with the new opening of Cuba to cryptocurrencies, there is also significant potential for the launch of a new cryptocurrency in Cuba. To do so, it is essential to know the Cuban legislation on crypto assets, as well as the paperwork required by resolution 215, which sets the terms of operation and the license issued by the Central Bank of Cuba.

Estrategia para el lanzamiento de una criptomoneda en Cuba
Lanzamiento de una ICO en Cuba

Marketing for cryptocurrencies in Cuba

In addition to knowing the government statutes for the operation of a cryptocurrency in Cuba, it is essential to create a marketing strategy for cryptocurrencies aligned with the conditions of the Cuban market.

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