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criptomonedas en el salvador

Cryptocurrencies in El Salvador

The recent adoption in El Salvador of Bitcoin as the national currency is, more than a controversial government decision for the Caribbean country, an interesting example of the ability of an entire country to operate with cryptocurrencies in all its financial operations.

As of the second half of 2021, Bitcoin is the official currency of El Salvadorenabling any financial, commercial and consumer entity to operate each of the operations carried out with Bitcoin. This unprecedented opening to the use of cryptocurrencies in Latin Americarepresents an opening by the government of El Salvador to make digital tokenswidely accepted financial assets.

Launch of a cryptocurrency in El Salvador

To the extent that Bitcoin overcomes the operational obstacles that its massive adoption in El Salvador represents in financial terms, the development and launch of new cryptocurrencies in El Salvador is a necessity in the country, which will eventually have to be covered.

For El Salvador, financial diversification in terms of currencies means a necessity once the integration and operation with Bitcoin is massive within the country. The growth of new DeFi alternatives will allow El Salvador, to distribute solid and decentralized financial exchanges in different commercial sectors.
estategia para el lanzamiento de una criptomoneda en el salvador
Criptomonedas en El Salvador

Marketing for cryptocurrencies in El Salvador

In addition to being necessary, the creation and launch of a new cryptocurrency in El Salvadorrequires the development of a solid and comprehensive strategy, from its technological provision, to the creation of an assertive whitepaper that represents the solution to a particular problem in the country.

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