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Marketing para criptomonedas en Venezuela

Cryptocurrencies in Venezuela

The adoption of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela is currently one of the best examples of the inflationary containment that Decentralized Finance brings to the economy of Latin American countries.

Launch of a cryptocurrency in Venezuela

With the creation of the Petro as the official cryptocurrency of Venezuela, the opening of the country to adopt the crypto economy as the main means of exchange and commerce, the launch of new cryptocurrencies in Venezuel is currently a project with great opportunities for expansion.

We are a Latam Crypto Marketing agency specialized in the promotion of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela and the management of marketing and communication strategies for digital tokens.

promoción de una nueva critptomoneda en venezuela
Lanzamiento de una nueva criptomoneda en Venezuela

Marketing for cryptocurrencies in Venezuela

To ensure the success of a cryptocurrency in Venezuela, the creation and support of communication and development campaigns and tactics is essential. At Blue Manakin we are specialists in the promotion of cryptocurrencies in Latam.


From the writing of the Whitepaper for a cryptocurrency, to the management of your smart contract. The promotion of a new cryptocurrency in Venezuela , requires the integration of different strategic phases. call us