smart contract

What are DAPPS?

Un recurso fundamental en el crecimiento de la economía descentralizada, es el desarrollo de las DAPPS o Decentralized applications, que significan un nuevo paso en la integración a de las DeFi a nuevos esquemas de mercado que quitan poder a la intermediación de las empresas.

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What is a smart contract for NFT?

Smart contracts are one of the most powerful features of blockchain technology. A smart contract is a digital contract in which the terms of the agreement between users are established in code. A smart contract can be scheduled to auto-execute when a set of predefined conditions are met. Smart contracts exist on decentralized and distributed blockchain networks.

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represantación gráfica de una blockchain

The best DeFi projects in 2022

Although with a long road already, decentralized finance is the structure of the blockchain that, particularly this year, will undoubtedly see exponential growth throughout 2022, We present the most outstanding DeFi projects for this year.

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