cryptocurrency in latam

penetración de las criptomonedas en chile

Chileans trust cryptocurrencies more and more

The expansion of the crypto economy in Latam is gaining more and more ground, from the adoption of Bitcoin as the official currency of El Salvador, to cases like Argentina, where cryptocurrencies represent the third medium of commerce after the US dollar.

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interacción entre criptomonedas e inflación

How do cryptocurrencies fight inflation?

Especially from the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies in Latam, the correlation that these tokens have with inflation is an important topic about which there is much to know. Is it true that cryptocurrencies fight inflation?

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regulation cryptocurrency in México

Why launch a cryptocurrency in Mexico?

The development of the CryptoEconomy in Latin America is much more than joining a global trend of Decentralized Financial development. Currently, The Central Bank of Mexico recognizes cryptocurrencies as a self-regulated financial application, and does not impose restrictions on their use.

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